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January Competition - Chat

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We have been kindly been donated 2 prizes by Malky £10 for each category

The competition Starts 16/1/14 and ends 20/2/14

The winners will be contacted at the end of the competition by Malky.


(1) all photographs would be taken from the date of the competition with a prize of £10 for the winners of the two categories


2) There must be at least three entries to win the prize


(3) As many entries as you like.



Category 1 - the best picture of a Robin


Category 2 - Any other British bird. water birds ducks, swans geese etc can also be included.


Good Luck

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Would it be possible for the entries to be shown in one posting and any comments posted in another? Then it would be possible for those viewing the pictures to do so with an open mind and to make their own judgements. Whilst it's nice for the entrants to see the comments, the entries tend to get 'lost' in the mass of comments.

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Beat that :D:D:D

Yes but you take the picture yourself and it must be a bird, you know one of those feathered thingys. :P:P

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