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Found 1 result

  1. Laura M-H

    Hello From Manchester :)

    Hello. I'm Laura and I live in Middleton in Manchester. I'm married with 2 lovely children. Daughter Alex who is 15 next month and Son Beren who turned 13 this Summer. They are both on the Autistic Spectrum (Asperger's) I couldn't be prouder with how much they have achieved (which hasn't been easy for Beren and we had to fight for his right to GCSE's. He's now doing 8 and in the top set for most subjects. He wants to be a Biomedical Engineer so he knows he has a long road ahead of him and is willing to work for it). It's certainly made us stronger as a family even if we are a fair bit unconventional ehe We keep Poultry and our main passion is our small flock of Lavender Blue Splash Turkeys. They are amazing animals and are extremely loving natures. We also have a small flock of Chickens with 3 Cockerels and a mixed group of Ducks and a rescued Canada Goose. 8 Dogs (6 Northern Inuit dogs, 1 Working Springer and a Chocolate Lab) a Birman House Cat and 4 Rescued Feral cats who live in an outdoor Cattery (we love Cats but we also love having plenty of Wild Birds in the Garden rather than dumped on my doorstep). I've always had a love of Birds from an early age and over the years have kept a number of different birds and now my children are older I am wanting to really enjoy my passion. We have a large garden and are making plans for a Birdroom and Aviaries. I have 2 very large sheds to get put up that I got second hand. My husband will be sorting the bases for this winter and spring. Currently we have a Green Cheek Conure named Jessica and her companion Pepper the Masked Yellow/Green Pied Lovebird. Both were unwanted pets who have now been with us for a number of years. Recently we have got back into Finches as I spend a lot of time alone at home and it has been wonderful having the cheerful meeping and beautiful songs all day long. We have 2 pairs of Zebra Finches, 1 hopefully a pair of young Bengies and 3 Male African Silverbills. It was just my luck really on the Silverbills. I spent an age watching them, chose an older 2016 male and 2 Juveniles who started singing that very evening! haha! Like I said, Just my luck. But I have a Lovely Normal Male who has a Canary song to him due to be raised in a canary heavy aviary, a Cinnamon and a Chocolate so am now on the look out for some hens and a pair of Ino's. I am rather taken with Silverbills myself, These 3 boys sing to me all day long and I adore their antics and how bossy they can be when they want a fresh millet spray lol. My Husband is totally besotted with Zebra's and it is the highlight of his day to come home and be greeted by excited meeping. They have certainly been helping with depression. Sadly I can't drive and neither can hubby, and due to Spinal disability and nerve damage I struggle to travel far on public transport. So it means that I don't get around much other than around the Manchester/Rochdale area. I wish I could get to places like Stafford tho. It would be amazing to see so much under one roof and get to meet so many interesting people. I've filled in a fair bit more on my profile. I ended up rambling on without even realising I was. I do tend to type on a bit at times I am sorry. I'm a lot quieter in person, well unless I'm at home or with my sister. Thank you for reading xx