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    i keep
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  1. hi rob after some black cheek light backs or crested black cheeks but for breeding or breeding pairs thanks Andrew

  2. hi rob Andrew what zebras GOT FOR SALE THANKS Andrew

  3. Rob

    Can you spare a few pairs of Ex. zebras/bengies by late October.

    Thanks Richard

  4. Thanks for the birds Rob. Lovely set up!

  5. your inbox is full unable to send you a message

  6. hi do you still have the owl finches for sale thanks your inbox is full

  7. Very honest and helpful gentleman,who i have found if he can help you out ,he will!

  8. lovely couple with nice set up and spotless birds and cages hope u do well in breeding this season good luck

  9. hi karl thanks 4 the crested zebbs top guy a very friendly happy person went out of his way to help thanks again

  10. just like to say thanks dean for sorting the cutthroats out for me ,nice to meet you in person very friendly decent guy

  11. Rob , Is one of the most honest guys out there. I wish there was more honest people out there.

    There are far too many rogues, and you know who you are!

  12. a very nice genuine person and a true friend not many out there