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  1. Hi,all anyone got a spare early entry ticket for sale , was due to work ,but all changed now , can pay via PayPal or meet on day, Regards Carl
  2. kes

    Automatic Dimmer

    Try Les http://www.sunriseaviculture.co.uk/
  3. kes

    Hello Again Lads And Lasses

    Hi Andy Welcome back, glad to hear your starting up again,
  4. kes


    Welcome Damo, I'm not to far away just up the M1 in Killamarsh ,enjoy the site.
  5. kes

    Yoooooooo Dudes, I'm Back!

    Take it Derby aren't worth watching now your back , welcome back
  6. A great bloke and a excellent bird breeder.

  7. Top man in breeding all types of finches,gives you good advice

  8. good bloke,gives plenty of good advice and breeds good quality finches

  9. top breeder with gouldians,stars,hecks very helpful chap