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  1. Do you need anything taking, biscuits etc Shaun ? Cheers
  2. zebiekid

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    I’ll be there in the ff area, does anything need bringing for the refreshments ? Taking some zebs and a pair of gouldians, oh and something a little bit different from the norm some jewellery like I did 3-4 years ago, for anyone who’s spent too much on birds and needs to treat the other half to something nice ;) Grant
  3. There was a bullfinch cock flying around the ff area, a group of foreign guys bought a net and caught it ! Didn't see as many escapees this time compared to other Stafford sales.
  4. zebiekid

    Great Day At Stafford And Thanks

    Had a great day today, was nice to be back selling birds in the ff area, oh and jewellery ! Had a fantastic day chatting to old and new friends sorry if I didn't see everyone m, the brews and welsh cakes went down a treat. Managed to sell all the birds I took and only planned on buying one pair of pre ordered zebs, but came home with 12 bengies and a trio of silver cpq :/ seen some fantastic birds for sale, was in shock at some of the prices since I've been out of the bird game for a couple of years, bronze wing manikins really surprised me £70-£80 a pair ! I remember when they was £20 a pair and no one could give them away ! was tempted to get some but will see how the season goes this year 1st ) Hope everyone got home safely ) Grant
  5. a great girl, will help anyone out and has a great nature and personality, hope you like the doves

  6. Hey Grant, it was great to finally meet you at Stafford this time around :D Your enthusiasm knows no bounds and I couldn't hope to meet a friendlier person. Best of luck with all the new birds and hope to see you next time, maybe. :D

  7. cilin your a top bloke, sorry for not commenting earlyier, hope to see you again


  8. zebiekid

    Spring Summer Visitors

    our hand reared swallow came back on saturday for the 2nd year (he/she will be 2 this year ) alos the lapwings are dancing in the feild just up the road im so happy our hand reared swallow has retured again, last year it had 1 nest of four and the second nest was realy late so they left the young to die ? or so we think, they got thrown out, but their was alot of work being done around where the nest was as we were moveing things around in the workshop we aslo have 3 nests of house sparrows with babys, in our garden, the ribins fledged last week, and the goldfinches are singing away and also the dunocks and for the first year we have a pair of greenies in the garden havent seen much of the wrens but ther are here as one landed on the kitchen window sill the other day
  9. zebiekid

    Fighting Blackbirds

    bloomin hell, lol and only 10min away skylarks come evey year with out fale
  10. zebiekid

    Fighting Blackbirds

    ye only 100yrds up the road, why ? their nest got destroyed by the farmer last year so i think only 1 round of youg were reader sucesfully, because he ploughed it about 3 times and their are about 3 pairs come every year grant
  11. zebiekid

    Fighting Blackbirds

    same here, all i hear is bloomin collard doves cooing around all over the place, black birds fighting and calling, and the gold finches singing and calling to each other, good news though, the house sparrows i saw mateing have some babys as i can hear the bloomin things lol oh and the lapwings are back again spring has sprung