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  1. Hi Shaun

    Can I have 60 early morning tickets like I did last year and will pay at your office on the day of the sale.

    If you confirm thats O.K I can put some notices up at my next sale at Bramshaw Table Top Sale on the 21st Oct.

    Also do you have any posters or flyers that I can put up for you?

    My address is 63 Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3HY. Tel 02380660460


    Regards  Rob

  2. We have our next sale at Bramshaw Village Hall (SO43 7JE) this Sunday, 11th March, doors open 12 noon. Membership must be applied for before the sale date. Here is the list of birds that some members have told me they'll be bringing in:


    Yorkshire's / border's 

    New colours / fifes

    Gloucesters / bronze



    Rainbow's / exhibition

    Garden aviary / miniatures


    British / European

    Siskins / greenfinches

    Redpoles / British goldfinches

    British bullfinch / yellow bullfinches

    Syberian goldfinches / Syberian bullfinches


    Grass parrakeets

    Silver / normal java sparrows

    Many colour parrakeets / orange pied redrumps

    Albino / pied redrumps / adult plum heads

    Turqs / bourkes / redrumps

    elegants / cockatiels

    Mountain parrakeets / Siera parrakeets

    Blue kakariki's / normals

    Pied red eyed kakariki's / cinnamon red eyed kakarik's



    Abyssinian lovebirds / peach faced

    Masked / fischer's


    Parrots / parrakeets

    Stanley's / Pennants

    Red lord amazons / blue fronted amazons



    Normal diamond doves / zeb doves

    blue ground doves / pied diamond doves



    Orange cheeked / star finches / spice finches

    Zebra finches / strawberry finches

    St. Helena's / black crested finches

    Napoleon weavers / goldians / bucenos

    Blue / red faced parrot finches / cherry finches

    gold breasted finches / yellow stars / hex

    Parson's / Forbes parrot finches / masked grass finches




    Chinese and Japanese quail / Jungle bush quails


    These are a few of the birds that will be coming in on Sunday. They will be many more from our members on the day!


  3. We have our next sale at bramshaw village hall on this sunday Feb 11th doors open 12noon, all of our tables are full with lots of birds coming from finches to parrots, please remember  memberships must be aplyed for before the sale date.

    Tea / coffees and hot and cold food free car park. Contact rob for more information 02380660460

  4. Robin Bonney

    Stafford Show Wristbands

    Hi Shaun Is it still possible to get early morning Wristbands for your sale in march, I would like 60 and pay for them at the office on the day. Also can you let me know how much each ticket is. Many Thanks Rob
  5. Hi rob I know your not organising a coach to Stafford, but talking to Darren inch (daza) today at bramshaw he fancies driving up there early. Is there any chance you could sort us out with some early entry tickets mate,Also do you know if there are any tables left as we could be interested in one between us mate,cheers Russ