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    all aspects of finch keeping, <br />its like an incureable illness!.

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  1. Hello all, just a quick enquiry, anybody know if billsborrow on tomorrow

    Sunday 9th December please, I cannot nip up on offchance

    I'm 70 miles away! Thanks in advance and regards to all


    1. stormbird


      still not seen any advert in C& A & it would seem I'm the only one from up this way whose been on the forum since the last time you asked

  2. Merry Christmas to yout too. Only just saw the comment :D It was only a flying visit this morning ;) Hope you had a goodun'

  3. happy christmas,

    thought there be only me on today!

  4. i would just like to second you stevieboard. what a guy.

  5. Absolute credit to this site with top quality birds and willing to bend over backwards to help another bird breeder!