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  1. I have 2 Lovebirds for sale
    1 Yellow Fischer Lovebird &
    1 Bue Peached Faced Lovebird

    Not sure of the sexes but both are nice and healthy and active.

    Approx 12-24 months old according to my knowledge. 

    They are really lovely birds and full of character
    Selling them as I am concentrating on finches and canaries and need the room in my aviary.

    £50 for the pair. 

    I can email pics etc 

    1. stormbird


      there is a for sale section !!


      hopefully when an admin comes online they will approve the advert & move them to the correct section 


    2. Yalreet


      Ah great thanks for that. 

  2. Ok so much for waiting till spring to get more birds.

    I went to a bird auction last night and came home with a pair of Chocolate Bengelese and a pair of Heck's Grass finch. lol

    It's fatal!  :P


  3. Yalreet

    Hi Everyone.

    Hi Jan Thanks for the welcome. Love these little guys and yes i've got plenty to learn.
  4. Yalreet

    Hi Everyone.

    Hi Jimmy Thanks for the tips I've been having a look round the forum Yes this summer it got hot in there so I covered the roof with ply to keep the sun out while the birds were in the flight. Early next year i will take the glass out and use the framework and attach shiplap to it and put a proper roof. Its a 8x6 greenhouse so i'll apportion half of it for the indoor cage plus the outside flight so they'll have plenty of room and I can try other species then.
  5. Yalreet

    Hi Everyone.

    Hi Dave Yes thanks for that I couldn't get beyond the confirmation stage. Cheers for the offer, i'll let you know when i've extended, it'll probably be in the spring now.
  6. Yalreet

    new member... kind of

    Hey up mate, I got my eye on you! Ps. still whatsapp me yeh?
  7. Yalreet

    Hi Everyone.

    Hi, I am from South Derbyshire UK and have been keeping birds since early 2017. I have toyed with having an aviary for a few years and now I am loving it, I have built a cage and put it in my green house with a hatch into a planted flight outside. In the spring I want to convert half of the green house into a bird house and indoor flight to give them more room. Apporx 4x6 ft inside + 3x8ft flight. I keep Zebra Finches ( Normals, Whites, Fawns ) which I can't stop breeding Begalese Finch and two male Canaries. I am looking to keep Gouldians, Star Finches and owl finches at a later date. Always willing to learn and accept any advice given. Thanks Simon