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New Budgie owner advise

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Guest JadePavitt93


I have recently got my Budgie about a week and a bit ago, I have been following a taming step process.

I have made one hiccup and started to put my hand in and stroke his belly to early. He let me do this without flying around the cage or freaking out but something told me it wasn't right. I looked it up and they can freeze in fear (I was a bad bird mum).

I have been sitting next to the cage while reading and looking on my phone and also singing to him.  last night as I was singing to him he started to fall asleep while I was sitting next to him, is this a good sign?

also he is more noisy when I am out of the house and with my husband, because he is chirping more around my husband than me is this a sign that he actually prefers my husbands company than mine?  

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thank,

Jade P

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A lot of Questions but little info on the actual bird other than it's a Budgie

 Now this might seem harsh but if it's a Budgie it's not a cuddly toy !  Budgies have their own personalities & how they react to new owners can vary . And yes some can have preferences . Some are easier to tame than others

 As for advice from web sites it can vary as to how good o r bad it is . As for a Budgie "freezing " that's a new one on me .

 As to how easy your bird will be to tame depends on it's age & to how the breeder handled it or not as the case might be . If your bird did not freak when you put your hand in it's cage that suggests it's been used to being handled

 But what advice did you get when you bought it  ?


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How old is the bird? Ideally it should be no more than six to eight weeks old, any older and it will need a lot more training to become tame. Is the cere blue? Cocks make much better pets than hens as they don't bite. If you can stroke his belly than this is a good sign, if he will let you put your finger on top of his feet and gently push his belly up, he should step onto your finger. Always move your hand slowly so he can see you coming, never make quick movements and never pursue him around his cage as this will scare him. Don't rush his training, he will learn at his own pace, good luck, Ken

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