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Hi - Thank you Jan for helping me get on finally! I can now really start reading up and getting myself ready!

My name is Tom, I'm from Telford in Shropshire, I've kept various birds over the years including budgies, cockatiels, Zebras, quail. Though don't have any at the moment. I'm planning on building myself an aviary this year through the summer, it wont be big as I don't have a big garden but it will do. I plan on keeping various finches and maybe a flight for a breeding pair of budgies so I can get into a little bit of breeding to really enhance this hobby.

I look forward to spending lots of time now reading various posts :)

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Hi Tom. Glad I managed to get you sorted. Good to have you with us. There plenty of reading to do. Hope it is of help to you. Anything you cant find, please feel free to ask. Jan

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