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Auction Guidelines 2016

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This thread is to explain the guidlines and rules that apply to the site auction that is run periodically in order to assist in a fun way, in raising fund towards the upkeep of the site.

Please read below and have a good rummage around your birdroom and lets help support the site we all enjoy using


Members are invited to donate spare birds, equipment, books or any other related merchandise (including your unwanted xmas pressies).

Please PM myself Dave85 with all donations, to keep things manageable please title the PM "DONATION" and the text should be a brief description of the item.

Pictures are a great asset and can be emailed or PMed to me.

The name of the person donating the item will appear against the item on the auction page.

How to Bid

After reviewing the auction items, if you see an item or bird you want to bid on you send a pm directly to Dave85.

In order that I can manage the bids please keep the message simple ie:

1/ PM Title = This is the item number and brief description you wish to place a bid on
2/ PM Message Text = your bid, please make it clear if you want to submit a "one off" or "maximum bid".

If you place a maximum bid I will then increase bids accordingly in increments of £1 until yours become the current higest bid, or until your maximum bid is exhausted.

All previous bids can be increased by sending another PM as described above.

No-one will see who is actually bidding therefore please do not discuss with other members any item or bird you are bidding on or how much you have bid.

What happens next?

The bid you see against any item will be the highest bid at the time of the last update (this will be visible), I will attempt to update as soon as I can, PMs will be received to my mobile but I won't always have access to the site so please be patient.

It is your responsibility to check regulary to see if your bid is the highest, I will not notify anyone if they are outbid, although I will advise both parties if there is an identical highest bid, in such cases the first bid recieved will be used as the current highest bid.

The auction will close at 10pm. on Friday 7th October 2016, so everybody has a chance to sort out pick up.

Winning Bids

Winners will be notified by PM shortly after the end of the auction, therefore anyone not recieving such a PM can assume they have not won. I you don't have access to the site but do have access to email please adjust your settings to notify you of new PMs by email.

The drop off!!

I would ask that all donated items are dropped off at the Feathered Flyer Auction table at the earliest opportunity upon arrival, where ill be on hand to collect.


The people leaving birds for pick-up normally like their cages back for new purchases, and those running the auction also like the opportunity to have a look around the show themselves, therefore please pick up your items at the earliest opportunity. Any items which have not declared their presence by 12.30pm on the day of the show will be offered back to the donator or offered for sale depending on their wishes.

Payment must be made at the time and the winners will be expected to undertake bird transfers between cages, themselves, it save any embarrasment so if the new owner lets a bird go, as opposed to those manning the auction table.

There are normally plenty of catching pens available for this purpose.

All birds to be delivered in suitable cages which are clean and have adequate food and water, no birds will be accepted in poor condition.
Similar when collecting birds, suitable cagse etc must be used. NO CARDBOARD BOXES ALLOWED.

The donator and winner will be required to fill out a bird transfer form, it would be very helpful, and save time on the day, if the donator completed the form prior to drop off, the forms can be downloaded by clicking the Stafford Banner at the top of the site homepage.


It would be extremely helpful if each donated item were labelled with the name of the donator, and item description, this will make it easier on the day.

This auction has for the past 5 years kept the site going and as such is an essential element to its continuation, please consider a donation or a bid please!

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