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    Kept most Auzzie finches and some African, i mainly keep Zebras now but also have Kakarikis and some CPQ's. Have already met some really lovely people since starting the hobby in late 2009 and hope to meet many more and learn as much as I can from them.

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  1. loo-6666

    Back after a little break

    Great call, Shaun. Went to Stafford years ago when my mrs was Gouldian mad (the was before kids) spent a small fortune... but was a fantastic day and saw a lot of species that had only seen in books (softbills mainly). will definitely consider a visit
  2. loo-6666

    Back after a little break

    Thanks jan, hope you get some when your ready
  3. loo-6666

    Back after a little break

    Hi all I'm back on the group after some time away from the hobby. WE recently moved and completely sold up all birds and equipment then soon realised something was missing... so plans are in place with large amounts of help, great advice and unwavering generosity from good friends Steve Shackcloth and Dave Lugo to get an aviary (or maybe 2) up in our garden. Now for the great debate between myself and Mrs Maskell... what shall we keep!?