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  1. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Not replied, as I won't be going
  2. Plastic Perches

    I use the canary wooden perches, and support with a pin on the rear wall. For longer length dowel with a twist on dowel holder.
  3. Sexado De aves

    I post mine standard class, and the site indicates when the sample has been received, mine normally take no more than 3 days.
  4. Sexado De aves

    Normally 7 - 10 days, I assume this depends on demand, occasionally quicker.
  5. For October Stafford

    Jan, I have Gouldians( seven) from two sets of parents, parent reared and bred outside, not sexed any yet, but getting almost ready to go
  6. New sponsor Aviform

    I am an Avigold Advanced user, and the syringe is a great method of applying the right quantity
  7. Sexado De aves

    Jan, that is good news for the site.
  8. British Finches

    How many cages, I assume 1 pair to a cage.
  9. Stafford 2017. Are You Going.

    I am almost certainly going, but just looking for hardware (heat, light, etc.) for the new Lineolated aviary.
  10. Finches

    John, Wiltshire is a large area, and though I live in North Somerset, would travel to Wiltshire, as I don't think its far, you may feel the Weston-super-Mare is too far, so be more specific i.e. X mile from Salisbury (or wherever).
  11. Dave, Please can you confirm when lots 13, 14, 15 & 16 are paid for. Andy, Steve, Please PM me your full postal address, and I will get these off to you Monday morning.
  12. Dave, as mentioned I will post (and pay for) 2nd class mail within the UK, however the winners need to understand these are not for collection at Stafford, and they will need to PM me with their address.
  13. Dave I propose to break from Safford Auction rules with your agreement: I have four books for auction, however I am not attending Stafford, on notification of the winners, I will post the books to a UK address (2nd class) at my expense. This means the winners do not have to attend Stafford, and opens the auction up; however, this has to be with the admins agreement. Introduction to Finches and Softbills – by Hank bates and Bob Busenbark T. F. H. Publication; hardback; 96 pages A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual – Conures – by Mathew M. Vriends, Ph.D. Barrons Publication; paperback; 112 pages Your First Finch – by George W. Noreen T. F. H. Publication; paperback 34 pages Love Your Canary – by Roy Stringer W. Foulsham & Co Publication; paperback; 62 pages
  14. Just For Fun 2

    Surely its just a lapwing, or at least some type of plover.
  15. New Member Removed

    Somebody has to spoil the fun: Lagopus is a small genus of birds in the grouse subfamily, commonly known as ptarmigans