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    breeding all sorts of finches including parrott finches, waxbills and many more.

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  1. jasons birds

    parrot finches wanted

    Got spare 2017 sea green parrot finch cocks if intresrted
  2. Wanted 1 or 2 bearded reeding hens Tel jason 07412015556
  3. jasons birds


    Cheers maza got them
  4. jasons birds


    Wanted for stafford a pair western bluebirds Tel. Jason 07412015556
  5. hi looking for a pair of this years black hooded red siskins for stafford jason
  6. jasons birds

    Bearded Reedling

    Thanks guys will keep looking
  7. jasons birds

    Bearded Reedling

    Wanted bearded reedling hen Willing to travel Jason
  8. jasons birds

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome natalie
  9. jasons birds


    hi jon welcom to the site some really nice people on here jason
  10. hi ron thanks for adding me as a friend, sorry have no been in touch sooner hope to here from you in near future.

  11. nice young lady. looks after birds very well keep it up rose

  12. jasons birds

    Cant Post In Gallery Yet

    is any one els having trouble with sending messages?i am a member so i really dont know what the problam is.please can any one help?from jason rees