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    Gouldians, Lories, Lorikeets and Tanagers. I have bred quite a few Lories and Lorikeets, but no Tanagers as yet. I have managed chicks to 10 days old so i live in hope.
    I have bred Yellow Winged Sugarbirds to third generation.
    I also attained the first UK breeding of Grey Crowned Social Weavers and second breeding in Europe and the second breeding in the Uk and Europe of the Black Crowned Social Weaver.
    When i showed birds i did very well, regularly winning many Best in Shows and Best of sections.
    B > ))

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  1. Softbill Man

    March Competition 2014,comments And Chat Only

    Great work again Malky, hopefully in time this will become a must enter section and the entries will start filling up. Well done to the winners and look out for the next competition. Would anyone like to offer a prize for this next one please? John
  2. Softbill Man

    January Competition - Chat

    Maybe as this website covers all species of birds, one competition can be of wild birds and the other of captive birds. This way it allows everyone with any form of camera or iphone to take part? John
  3. Softbill Man

    January Competition - Chat

    Might be worth posting a link to the competition in a couple of the other sections Malky, just to spread the word and if you draw up a draft copy of what you post, i will see if the admin can send a mass message to all the members with the link on, to the competition section. This can be done every month John
  4. Softbill Man

    Photo Competition Ended

    Thats a shame Mick, but surely throwing in the towel is being defeatest and Birdtrek being blinkered? This was the first attempt at the joint venture and surely now is the time for people to discuss what can be improved on and not just walk away. Did anyone ask for all members to be notified via pm that the competition was running, i bet many people didnt know it was. Also maybe some members wont put there photos in when seeing some of the previous winners photos bear no resemblance to the heading under which they are supposed to be entered in? John
  5. Softbill Man

    Fssuk Site

    The new site is up and running and is being populated very quickly with just under 200 members already. The forum has some excellent posts from Foreign Softbill keepers, from America, Europe ad of course the UK. Pop along to www.fssuk.org and hva e look around. John
  6. Softbill Man


    You can now. Welcome matey John
  7. Softbill Man

    Advice On Using Forum Please

    Hi Paul, i have upgraded you to member so you will se more and have more options available to you. John
  8. Softbill Man

    How did you find this forum

    No one has posted on here for a while so all you newbies, please let us know how you found us. John
  9. I think this man deserves to succeed with his dream for softbills. Think he would do well with coloured canaries


  10. Softbill Man


    Work has started for the Foreign Softbill Society UK (FSSUK). We are starting to put in place breeding and species Co-Ordinators and already species are being covered by FF members. (please see exchanges section on main forum) FSSUK has booked tables at Stafford Spring Show and we are hoping to have a display of members birds, together with information about the society and forms to fill for joining. Also in progress is a website. This is hoped to be launched at the Spring Stafford Show. It is hoped to be a species information based site, which will also include a sales, wants and exchange section as well as a listings of all species of Foreign softbills kept and there numbers by FSSUK members. We are also looking into have a small forum, where anyone can ask and answer questions relating to Foreign Softbills only.
  11. Dean,


  12. Aye up Neil, How ya doing matey.

    Get chatting on here mate and get that puff of a brother of yours on the net as well.LOL

  13. this is a top bloke and a pleasure to talk to :)

    wealth of information :)