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  1. Stafford

    Had a good day picked up some great birds thanks to Jan and Paul P&D off here ,great job again Dave Auction did Well.
  2. Stafford July 2016

    Very disappointing not enough people all so it must be getting hard times when people try to knock you down £2 on a £12pr of birds waist of time going.not going to that sale again,lets hope October is ok. Barry
  3. Great Day At Stafford And Thanks

    Thanks to the team Great day out good luck for 2015 every body
  4. Just Over Six Weeks To Go!

    Tried to get tickets online this evening, but when I went to pay by paypal it wanted to charge me £9.00 + .75p Postage. Are the tickets now £9? Barry
  5. Hi Dave

    Birds looking good think they might be 2 prs but not sure are they related many thanks barry

  6. How Do I

    I have been unable to post birds for sale or to reply to anyone else, just keep getting the error message! Help!