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  1. Sexado De aves

    Hi Jean Sent out 6 samples late last week so just keeping an eye on them. Earlier this year I had the issue that the samples were arriving in 2-3 days but it was taking 12-15 days to test as they were short staffed. Mick
  2. Sexado De aves

    I have been using their service for the last couple of years on the recommendation of one of the administrators on this site. I would do 30-40 test per year. Should I mention that I am a member of this forum when I send them samples so that they can see that their sponsorship is working. Should other member do the same ? Mick
  3. March Stafford Ff Tables

    Can someone tell me where the FF area is located in the hall this time .??
  4. Had a great day it was my first time at the show and was well impressed. there is a few preople I would like to thank . Dave85 thanks for the auction I managed to win the bid on 3 items so well impressed ,as a result of which I went on a buying spree of CPQ ( great selection available). I would like to thank Paul for some cubans and Dazzers help with loading my sucessful auction items. I am sorry I did not spend more time in the FF area but ye must forgive me it was my first time and I was like a child in a "candy shop". I made some fantastic purchases but the prices are too high for us coming from Ireland with an exchange rare of 1:1.4. Overall an excellent experience and thanks to everyone for their support. Regards Mick