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  1. WaxbillMan

    finches wanted

    thanks for letting Bob know about the spices Dave, Bob I have replied to your message, I can said birds to the northern waxbill meeting of you can collect if you are interested please let me know thanks
  2. hi there dave 85 said you may have some spice finches for sale  thanks  bob

    1. WaxbillMan


      ey up Bob, yes I do I have a group of 6 10month old birds not all related I top notch condition for £60 they were bought as 3 pairs but in all honesty I have no idea I am only selling them as they tried to take over a firefinch nest that had chicks so I had to turf them out of the aviary they were building nests at that time, but currently have no facilities to do so again

    2. australianbob 2

      australianbob 2

      i will take them off your hands pal just send me your no i will ring you cheers  bob

    3. WaxbillMan


      my number is 07765490227, thanks

  3. WaxbillMan

    Stafford Today

    Was a great day, although i was on the WFS stand most of the day, i never actually went around very much. collected/delivered ordered birds and managed to buy a few things for friends who couldn't make it. i felt sorry for all those who got stuck in the mud, and there were many, luckily not me! only saw 3 or 4 members, Congratulations Dave on your good news! and if you want a hand on your ship building let me know!
  4. I know that that Libby Harrison and her team from Retford Poultry Partnership will be there inspecting birds for general health, so that should interesting
  5. WaxbillMan

    Auction Listing October 2016

    that is a relief. i have been out bid
  6. WaxbillMan

    Auction Listing October 2016

    orr err that sounds promising Jan, not had a pm about it from Dave though, and we all know he likes to send and receive pm's, a little too much if we are honest about it but i am sure his therapist says its a good thing, in the short term at least
  7. WaxbillMan

    Auction Listing October 2016

    is a penguin zebra just another word for a superb exhibition zebbie? as in it is so useless and fat it can't chuffin fly? Jan if you want them so much you can always bid a penny more
  8. WaxbillMan

    Auction Listing October 2016

    ha ha, i will let them fly free with the sparrow's first!
  9. WaxbillMan

    Auction Listing October 2016

    I hope there is a rush Jan, otherwise i will be stuck with a sodding pair of zebra finches!
  10. WaxbillMan

    October 2016 Stafford Show Precautions

    You say that Shaun but there is at least 3 dealers always selling birds at your stafford's, they are blindingly obvious to every one, one of them is a right XXXX too! Blind eyes can only be given to them. (i personally think that particular law is barmy) There is also a great deal of wheeler dealers there, but lets face it these people attending help many of us out with bloodlines
  11. WaxbillMan

    October Stafford Bird Show 2016 Tables.

    I will be there, and will be on the Waxbill Finch Society stand
  12. WaxbillMan

    Stafford July 2016

    Good old Noah is alive and well then
  13. WaxbillMan

    Stafford July 2016

    it was quite a poor show, most had packed up or starting to by 1pm, as others said, very little on the waxbill/softbill side of things - although i suspect at least one dealer had them in his car. got a few new wfs members sot hats good.
  14. WaxbillMan


    I remember you chaps from a few years ago at least, you may or may not have been to my old set up at least 8 years ago (i may be wrong) welcome back, i remember the blue hands too!
  15. WaxbillMan

    New Member Removed

    Yes he does try hard but sometimes google does fail him