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    Bird keeping and breeding!
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    Bengies - to breed crested pearl
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    White headed nuns
    Tri colour nuns
    Red winged pytillia
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    Red cheeked cordons
    Lineolated parakeets
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  1. Dave85

    Returning member

    Welcome back andrew fingers crossed your successful with new additions. Odviously let me know if you breed the bibs, seems a fair few now with fody so hopefully a few can be bred and exchanged.
  2. As I've mentioned before best buying a new pair of each as breeders are unlikely to sell single hens.
  3. Dave85


    May have some later date, just set my pairs up
  4. Dave85

    parrot finches wanted

    Sent you a message bob
  5. Dave85

    parrot finches wanted

    I have 5 yearling red head normals if any good bob?
  6. Dave85

    Hi Everyone.

    Welcome Simon glad you got sorted after mark messaged me I'm not too far away from yourself if and when you want to add different species enjoy
  7. Dave85


    A different choice sue never seen any before
  8. Dave85

    new member... kind of

    Welcome back mark glad we got you sorted fingers crossed in your endeavours and hopefully members can help you with birds. Bib finches are thin on the ground and a good £150 a pair if found sadly
  9. Dave85


    I'll try tomorrow for you mike
  10. Dave85


    Hi mike, been in contact with a friend who has some for sale going to stafford if that helps £130 a pair cage bred. They'll be on tables 1-4 main hall. Hope that helps. Cheers
  11. Dave85


    Hi mike hope your well have you tried gareth? Or contacting members of the waxbill finch society? Both should point you in the right direction to keep a happy wife.
  12. Only map I can source at present hopefully it's the same this year
  13. What time would be good for most? 12 Midday? shaun has booked some tables but waiting on confirmation on where they've been put. Thanks
  14. Dave85

    Stafford 8th October 2017

    Fingers crossed we can arrange something will keep you posted