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  1. Unless any other splits eamonn all normal carriers I'm afraid but who knows these days
  2. Have you thought about contacting the java sparrow society? They usually have a stand at stafford with members for sale birds
  3. Theres a chap advertising for hens might be worth a message to see if you can make a pair up as he has spare male cheers
  4. Welcome hope you enjoy the site and share your experiences
  5. Still looking
  6. Welcome to the site john hope you enjoy being with us nice species pied red heads do you ever venture over to Stafford? Might be worth a trip to get the birds your after cheers dave
  7. We've managed to secure a new advertising sponsor with Aviform ltd for the next 12 months i know use there products already but please anyone who doesn't please give the new banners a click and have a look at their product range.
  8. Still bird names isn't it?
  9. Go for it was good before
  10. 2 diamond firetail cock birds - ideally 2016 or early 2017 & yellow rumped normals. 1 canary cock bird (type unimportant but if any glosters spare let me know) 1 hen hecks grassfinch
  11. Snap paul no10 is only one I can't get at present
  12. Celebrities? Got all 8 right anyway 😜
  13. Stuck on 5 lol any clues I've got ones prior and some after though
  14. He sold up and moved house kes Don't think he kept any birds But worth a shot he may know someone
  15. Welcome kevin hope you enjoy the site And share your experiences