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  1. Hi Steve

    ive got a fiew softbill cages here to sell on are you interested at all Bob C

  2. hi bob hope u are all well did not get much time with u at the national yes still want one for my turacos and 2 for zebras if u r going to the meeting on the 20th of may fbl i could pick them up thenif its ok havent seen u on here much my turn to drive thanks bob


  4. sad news for me i new don for at least 25yrs found him to be a very knowleagable and sincere gentleman and help me many times with reagards information on the does and donts on many bird species also helped with obtaining spare stock needed will be missed greatly to all those who new him.thoughts to all his family.steve dye. ps don was a true gentleman

  5. GL3 1BW Steve OK Bob

  6. hi bob can you let me know if you are going to the FBL meeting may 22nd if so would you like me to pick you up at some point on the way as i dont mind upto you bob whatever you decide just let me know time and place hope everythings ok regards steve

  7. Show cancelled Steve seeyou at Stafford Bob