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  1. Stafford Today

    Colin I didn't see you there today?! Was lovely seeing everyone! Jack loved his budgies.... I didn't come back with anything x
  2. Hello From Manchester :)

    Welcome to the forum xx
  3. Introduction

    Parrotlets are awesome! Welcome Luke!
  4. Auction Listing October 2016

    I've pm with a donation Dave
  5. Intro

    Hi and welcome! X x x
  6. Welcome to the forum x
  7. New Member

    Welcome to the forum x x
  8. New Members Please Read

    Your doing the right thing Hun, only a pjphone call away if you ever want to talk parrotlets X x
  9. Stafford July 2016

    No good what nasty people! It's a shame so many nasty people! Say hello next time! X
  10. Stafford July 2016

    Was very quiet and unfortunalty two people really pissed me off Firstly some dealer named Chris/kris sold a newbie parrotlet starter a green rumped hen as a cock! So husband and my good friend IAN went over and demanded they give him his money back Secondly we sold some linnies to a woman called Rachy. We sold her our Linnie babies.... We later saw her selling on as pairs ( these birds were all around 12 weeks old and siblings! She didn't sell them as they were totally over priced for greens £60 a pair ( we sold £15 each). It really dissapointed me how dishonest people can be! Apart from that I was super busy considering how quiet it was.... But Jack came and was on one! Just ask Dave lol
  11. New Members Please Read

    It totally depends on the breeder to be honest. For example I'd like to make a bond before I let anyone in my house but I'm quiet a reserved person anyway when it comes to my home. like I'm always put off when someone's after a bird and one of the first things they say is what's your post code. I like to build a rapore and get talking to someone first... If this makes sence. Some breeders are more open and others you will never get an invite. My number is in my signature link below under contacts or breeder register. But don't phone this evening wales are playing and I'll be pre occupied! Hehe X X X there are a few breeders your way but I do t think any tame. There is a guy called Stefano Salles in south London and he's amazing! Worth the travel. Xx
  12. New Members Please Read

    Welcome to the forum TKA! Parrotlets great choice! Am I being biest ... Maybe. Parrotlets make interesting pets.... They are so intelligent but very nippy so a future needs to be aware of this trait. they are species who explore and communicat with their beak. Also it's good not to expect a fluffy super tame pet. But what they lack in 'affection' they make up for with their intelligence ( did you know the spectacled parrotlet ranks in the top three most intelligent parrots?!) I've tamed down babies and I really enjoy it but it's a challange even hand reared need continuous work. But once the bond it trusted and gained its an amazing one. I personally love to breed them... And welfare is important to me. I love the possible colours you will get ( and if you understand genetics you will know what to expect) . I've created an information website www.parrotletsuk.com but any questions fire away X X X X X x
  13. Hello

    Hi and welcome back x
  14. Introduction

    Welcome! I love mountain parakeets. We used to breed them x
  15. Hello

    Welcome to the forum, I hope your season gets better x
  16. Hello From Grimsby

    Hi and welcome x
  17. Hello From Surrey

    Welcome to the group
  18. Whats The Chances.

    Amazing x
  19. Featheredflyer Area

    No I wasn't myself. Friday I had a family loss so last few days just one thing after another. It's been like a week from hell for me at the moment... Let's hope this weeks a better one eh .
  20. Featheredflyer Area

    Lol I wasn't very smilie but I tried xx
  21. Featheredflyer Area

    Btw best ff section ever x
  22. Featheredflyer Area

    I would like to just thank shaun for setting me up a stand and letting me promote the group! Loved being by ff! Sorry I didn't come say hi I didn't stop!
  23. New Member Philb

    Welcome to the forum x
  24. Hi

    Welcome x
  25. Stafford Bird Show

    Haha nope I'm not actually a fan of the turquoise. Maybe one day I'll have a fallow turquoise but that will be it. Still few years yet mind until they will be normal priced.