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  1. you to mate LMAO it aint far off. Are you treating yourself to anything at Stafford?
  2. Ha Ha you to mate. Looking forward to the day
  3. Decided to come along for the ride with Mark Whyman as hes getting back into birds. Hopefully will bump into a few familiar faces.
  4. Well done everyone. Cheers John for providing the prizes. And finally well done malky for running another great competition. Apologies for the blip at the beginning. Lee
  5. Hi giddy welcome to ff you have been upgraded. If you look further down the board you will see a wanted section. you may have more joy putting a wanted thread up there.
  6. Hi Mike welcome to ff you have been upgraded. I am quite sure there are several members who keep these. If memory serves me right I am sure there is a article in the article section on these. If you have any questions to ask please start a new thread in another section. Thanks Lee
  7. Brilliant Alan hopefully thats everyone now.
  8. Ok malky if it starts up again follow the instructions. Obviously will be in different places as it's chrome but the principles of the problem will be the same. If yourself or anyone needs any help with other browsers and cannot work out what to do please just ask. A good combination for firefox is avg free addition and windows firewall. Norton causes alot of problems especially slowing the computer down. One thing you have to remember with viruses the average joe will not get attacked.So It doesn't matter what virus protection you use because we let them in.
  9. OK seems a few of you are having problems with unwanted popups. After abit of investigating I have found hopefully a solution. The common factor is you are all using Internet Explorer. I do believe the issue is with this. Firstly I always recommend you change your Browser to Firefox. You can still leave Internet explorer on your computer this will just bring up another icon. If you still wish to continue to use Internet Explorer firstly please make sure you have the latest version. Rather than try to explain what to do I have found a you tube video. Please let me know if this post solves your problem. Thanks
  10. Any business users wishing to use this section please contact me. Adverts posted in other sections will be deleted. Thanks
  11. Hi Andy welcome to ff you have been upgraded.
  12. Hi russell welcome to ff you have been upgraded
  13. We have been kindly been donated 2 prizes by Malky £10 for each category The competition Starts 16/1/14 and ends 20/2/14 The winners will be contacted at the end of the competition by Malky. Rules. (1) all photographs would be taken from the date of the competition with a prize of £10 for the winners of the two categories 2) There must be at least three entries to win the prize (3) As many entries as you like. Competition; Category 1 - the best picture of a Robin Category 2 - Any other British bird. water birds ducks, swans geese etc can also be included. Good Luck