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  1. Uraeginthus

    finches wanted

    Hi Bob I believe Garath Woods has Cuthroats for sale and is going to the WFS meeting at Doveridge on Sunday .. its only about an hour from you, his contact number is 07808808551 regards Stephen
  2. Uraeginthus

    Plastic Perches

    Have you thought about using the twist on perch ends .... your not restricted to length with these. http://www.cagefronts.co.uk/accessories/perches-perching/twist-on-perch-ends-plastic.html Regards Stephen
  3. Uraeginthus

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    I'll have a go at a few of the recent ones as follow:- 23 Turn 24 Nightingale 27 Diamond Dove 28 Gloster canary
  4. Uraeginthus

    Who Is Going To Stafford Spring Show ?

    I will probably be there though this will be my last one as I have decided to give up the hobby will be advertising my birds/equipment and some books on here shortly Stephen
  5. Uraeginthus

    Good Selection

    This was the 1st time I have been to the December show - there was a reasonable selection of birds but I'm not sure there would have been enough customers to keep the trade stands happy. its a pity you didn't get there Jan there were several Cock Cherry finches for sale on at least 2 tables as I was tempted but didn't buy in the end. Stephen