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    Bird keeping and West Ham United Football Club! I also love Northern Soul & Tamla Motown music. Great fan of Otis Redding, James Brown & Jimmy Radcliffe.
    Mad on Wildlife. Mad on all sports. Birdkeeping main hobby. I keep at present; Java Sparrows, Indian Silverbills, Red billed weavers, Irish Canaries, Fife Fancy Canaries, Gloster Canaries, Diamond Doves, , Bengalese finches, Napoleon Weavers, African Silverbills, Chinese Painted Quails, kakakrikis. Also keep Gouldian Finches, Heck Grassfinches and Parson Finches, Chestnut breasted Manikins. Red Faced Parrot finches. Red Headed Finches. Golden Mantalled Rosella's. Cockatiels. Maroon bellied Conures. Blue Faced Parrotfinches. Cockatiels.

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  1. Norwichfinchman

    New Member In Suffolk.

    Try the Norfolk & Suffolk Australian Finch Society. Very helpful and are based not to far from.
  2. Norwichfinchman

    Updating A Thread!

    I understand how it works now? It never use to be like that. When you use to update a thread you could see your update straight away. That was a much better way when you could also see your update as well everybody elses. It made the threads more fun to use. Now I can't see my updates until someone else answers it? That's a strange way to work a forum? Regards
  3. Norwichfinchman

    January Competition

    A German was down at the beach watching the lifeguard attract all the women, so he saunters over and asks "why are the women so fond of you, what is your secret?" So the lifeguard says, "it's easy, go down to the store, get a potatoe, stick it in your speedo's, the chicks will be all over you then." The German hurries to get his potatoe, sticks it in his speedo's, stands around with nothing happening, so he goes back to the lifeguard and says "I did what you said, but no action." So the life guard checks him out and then says "no man, put it in front."
  4. Norwichfinchman

    January Competition

    how do you know that the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia? Anywhere else they would call it a teethbrush.
  5. Norwichfinchman

    Updating A Thread!

    Hi stormbird, My personal messages inbox now has only three messages init. Could you be so kind to send me a PM so I know it is working? Also when I add new details to a thread it disappears from " VIEW NEW DETAILS?" I have updated three threads tonight and they have not reach the "VIEW NEW DETAILS" pages. They do show up on the "Message board thread" but not on the "View new contents" I feel like I'm been sabotaged!
  6. Norwichfinchman

    Updating A Thread!

    Everytime I update a thread, the thread disapears off the recent topics? before you updated the site I could update a thread straight away without a problem. Now it seems impossible? Am I doing anything wrong or are my thread's and topic updates not suitable? Also i had problems recieving messages and was told to empty my inbox? I have done this but it appears that my\ messages are not working. Could someone try and send me a message? many thanks Steve
  7. Norwichfinchman

    November Competition

    My wife Tracey, with one of our friendly Gouldian finches.
  8. Norwichfinchman

    November Competition

    Sparrow Hawk being a nuisance ontop of my avairies.
  9. Norwichfinchman

    October Competition

    A young 2012 Gouldian.A Great bird, avairy bred and parent reared but very friendly!
  10. Norwichfinchman

    Problem Recieving Emails

    I am getting notifacations that friends are unable to email me. Some say inbox is full? Can you help please?
  11. Hi mate. Welcome on board. I hope you will be coming to the east of England Bird Sale at the Norfolk Showground on Sunday 6th February.