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  1. hi there dave 85 said you may have some spice finches for sale  thanks  bob

    1. WaxbillMan


      ey up Bob, yes I do I have a group of 6 10month old birds not all related I top notch condition for £60 they were bought as 3 pairs but in all honesty I have no idea I am only selling them as they tried to take over a firefinch nest that had chicks so I had to turf them out of the aviary they were building nests at that time, but currently have no facilities to do so again

    2. australianbob 2

      australianbob 2

      i will take them off your hands pal just send me your no i will ring you cheers  bob

    3. WaxbillMan


      my number is 07765490227, thanks

  2. australianbob 2

    new start

    starting back with finches pied starfinches parsons cutthroats ect something that im used to keeping
  3. australianbob 2

    new start

    hi guys and girls back on the site after a long absence and back to keeping birds again,thanks to the admin to re activating my account now the work begins finding stock thanks bob
  4. hi bob, did you get my message re hecks / accessories