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  1. Stafford Today

    First one i have missed in years but had to work this morning , Mesias are lovely but out of my league.
  2. After a cock Pekin Robin if anyone can help out . re Graham
  3. New Member From Cornwall

    Hi Mark welcome to FF
  4. Stafford

    Seemed to be alot more British on offer very few waxbills and no grey/ green singers anywhere , saying that i had pre ordered a pr of grey singers off a member on here and very pleased with them, Must have been the first Staffs i have been too and never bumped into Dave85 in fact didnt see FF section .
  5. Introduction

    Welcome Luke Nice part of the world you live in , enjoy the site . Graham
  6. Hello From Surrey

    welcome to the site Lawrence
  7. Whats The Chances.

    Jan - thats brill meant to be . Good luck with them now.
  8. Snow Threat

    Think the snow is more North than Stafford so far , havent seen the w/end forecast though
  9. Stafford Bird Show

    Thought i was working but have a free day now , must be a first but not after anything this time so plan to just look around say hi to the faces i know and enjoy the day. Saying that will have my carry cage just in case something really catches my eye
  10. Hi All..newbie Here :)

    I live in sandbach now so cestrian suits you better but its mine now , i am from Whitby originally sure our paths have crossed .
  11. Hi All..newbie Here :)

    Just beat me then Chester , agree with you either Chinese or Japenese would be fine . Mollington eh nice part of the world . re Graham
  12. Hi All..newbie Here :)

    I think their size will spook most of the other birds , welcome by the way. re Graham
  13. New Member

    Carl Thats Lancashire to someone of my age
  14. Jeepers i didnt realise the politics involved , i think its great to meet up and put a face to a name . I would always rather buy from someone off here as well and have never been disappointed in doing so . What would i do each night if i didnt have FF/ Birdtrek/ BBIA/ FSSUK and the great Deva Chat to sit and read
  15. New Member

    Hi Carl Where abouts in Cheshire ??, there`s quite a few Cheshire lads on here . I am Sandbach. re Graham