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  1. cestrian


    Hi Tam Glad to see your back with the birds .
  2. Hi 

    Will you be going to Stafford ?, if so i will have the green singers please.

    re Graham


  3. cestrian

    A Full Day Out

    James Did you get the softbills off the FSSUK stand if so the pr of Pekins there were lovely and all the starlings on show were immaculate . Very tempted by the Spreos there but funds had run out.
  4. cestrian

    Stafford Today

    First one i have missed in years but had to work this morning , Mesias are lovely but out of my league.
  5. cestrian

    New Member From Cornwall

    Hi Mark welcome to FF
  6. cestrian


    Seemed to be alot more British on offer very few waxbills and no grey/ green singers anywhere , saying that i had pre ordered a pr of grey singers off a member on here and very pleased with them, Must have been the first Staffs i have been too and never bumped into Dave85 in fact didnt see FF section .
  7. cestrian


    Welcome Luke Nice part of the world you live in , enjoy the site . Graham
  8. cestrian

    Hello From Surrey

    welcome to the site Lawrence
  9. cestrian

    Hi All..newbie Here :)

    I live in sandbach now so cestrian suits you better but its mine now , i am from Whitby originally sure our paths have crossed .
  10. cestrian

    Hi All..newbie Here :)

    Just beat me then Chester , agree with you either Chinese or Japenese would be fine . Mollington eh nice part of the world . re Graham
  11. cestrian

    Hi All..newbie Here :)

    I think their size will spook most of the other birds , welcome by the way. re Graham
  12. cestrian

    New Member

    Carl Thats Lancashire to someone of my age
  13. Jeepers i didnt realise the politics involved , i think its great to meet up and put a face to a name . I would always rather buy from someone off here as well and have never been disappointed in doing so . What would i do each night if i didnt have FF/ Birdtrek/ BBIA/ FSSUK and the great Deva Chat to sit and read
  14. cestrian

    New Member

    Hi Carl Where abouts in Cheshire ??, there`s quite a few Cheshire lads on here . I am Sandbach. re Graham
  15. Oh to have 20 grand in my ass pocket now i would have bought most of the softbills on the Foreign Softbill display quite stunning . My daughter got married last weekend so funds were very limited as you can imagine , so i had to look and not have this time but did get a cracking hen StHelena off a member on here . I also got speaking to a nice Gloster breeder who had some show quality birds , a bought a pair off him and as i was leaving him he called me back and gave me another pair for free of equal quality .Top man gave me his number and said call anytime for advice etc - thats how it should be . Good day .