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  1. blanket


    yes it is a good place to meet although we wasn't there to long as our birds flew off the table.
  2. blanket

    Stafford is ON

    we're leaving it till the last min about wether we come or not living down south at the moment not boding very well especially as we have birds pre booked but hoping to make it shaun will let you know tomorrow.
  3. blanket

    Stafford Show Wristbands

    shaun with this out break of bird flu so close can we find out if it will still go ahead.
  4. hi shaun will see you at Stafford to confirm booking for march.
  5. look forward to meeting members not having a table so will pop by to say hi plus sort out table for march.
  6. blanket

    Stafford 8th October 2017

    nice one dave even if we don't have a space at least we can still have a meet up.
  7. blanket

    Stafford 8th October 2017

    we will be there but not to sell any birds but showing at the colour canary show plus only ever sell our birds in march as like to make sure the birds are fit and healthy. perhaps we could have a meet up point with a time and then could all meet up then.
  8. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    when I first did the quiz myself we had 1 and a half hours at a club meeting and only got twenty right must admit not easy which is why I gave as much time as you needed just about but like I said at the beginning it was just a bit of fun to have a think while the breeding was going which I hope everyone is having a good year this year.
  9. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    glad you enjoyed it jan I did say look at the questions but must admit some were quite hard.
  10. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    hi all sorry for the delay here is the questions with the answers. 1/ combine scales and maybe a cap for this canary lizard 2/ you should see this one from down under on a clear night star fish 3/ don't come from where the name suggest [man has a lot to do with these] bengalese 4/ flour listens to these little chaps wheatear 5/ shy blush on a first date peach face love bird 6/ this bird can be unkind to someone with an affliction. mocking bird 7/ no kebabs without these skua 8/ mrs bucket would turn blue with one of these in the house hyacinth macaw 9/ don't try crossing this little finch zebra 10/ keep to the straight and narrow or you could run into one of these crossbill 11/ line between England and Scotland border 12/ burglars tool bar crow 13/ farmers don't need a warning for these finches bullfinch 14/ northern guardsman so it's said yorkshire 15/ I wouldn't mind one of these on my knee. secretary bird 16/ rikiaka is mixed up kakariki [yes I know there is a letter missing] 17/ all that glistens in this finch is goldfinch 18/ find the answer to this common ailment by adding the 8th letter chough so don't do this 19/ we have all suffered from this after a clip red ear 20/ pride comes before a fall so don't do this crow 21/ :ahh risk war: this needs sorting out harris hawk 22/ spare time pursuit that fly's by hobby 23/ old fashioned name for variety act turn 24/ London square resident nightingale 25/ singing while turning the pages reed warbler 26/ better than the long sticky one's fly catcher 27/ this symbol of peace is a girls best friend diamond dove 28/ canary with a different spelling to it's shire county gloster 29/ ernie ford completes this old timer Tennessee warbler 30/ it's said they are good to eat budgerigar 31/ keep all your shiny things under the crust or you could loose them magpie 32/ re creating this is a capital problem London fancy 33/ not something you would like to see at the old bailey black cap 34/ the oldest profession has had these cockatoo 35/ funny man talks about religion godwit 36/ well known American indian chief bold eagle 37/ Barbra winsor could be a cockney one of these sparrow 38/ soars away with the kids but hold on to the string kite 39/ this can be uncomfortable but there are remedies for the itch thrush 40/ you could end up inside if you drop the g robin 41/ could have joined the mile high club with this little jape sky lark 42/ Vinnie jones tried this on gazza and it wasn't even Christmas nut cracker 43/ Pinocchio may have a wee one wood cock 44/ this finch could rub you up the wrong way and make you sore chaffinch 45/ sweeny todd's favourite bird I should think cutthroat 46/ these could be withdrawn if you change things around for the USA hecks 47/ name one of the oldest English flowers to complete this finch rose finch 48/ mucking about under the tree's could give you the answer wood lark 49/ page 3 girls should cover up to avoid these blue tits 50/ legend dictates you say good morning to the first one of the day magpie 51/ barman could be in trouble for diluting these waterslagger well that's all 51 how did you do hope you enjoyed it.
  11. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    hi everyone this will be the last of the quiz will give you the last 3 49/ page 3 girls should cover up to avoid these. 50/ legend dictates you say good morning to the first one of the day 51/ barman could be in trouble for diluting these. that's it hope everyone has enjoyed it will leave like this for a week so you can go back on some of the questions still pm me with your answers will post questions and answers next week.
  12. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    48/ mucking about under the trees could give you the answer 3 to go will do all 3 tomorrow and will leave it for a good few days to see if you can get them plus any off the one's before then will do the questions plus the answer.
  13. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    keep plugging away. 47/ name one of the oldest English flowers to complete this finch just 4 to go thank goodness I hear you say lol.
  14. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    evening all 46/ these could be withdrawn if you change things around for the usa.
  15. blanket

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    nearly at the end not many more to go. 45/ sweeny todd's favorite bird I should think