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  1. MKP

    Frozen Insects

    Hi Colin, All sorted thanks have ordered from Feathers and things for collection tomorrow. atb Mark.
  2. Morning All, Haven't bought any frozen insects before and wondered who at Staffs will be selling these as i am not sure if Priors still sell them and if they will be the only trade stand selling them? Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks Shaun, really looking forward to another good day out.
  4. MKP

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    I'll be there, taking a few Gouldians and Stars all pre sold. Will be looking for soem more Painted Finches. Hope to see a few familiar faces and catch up on my way around the halls
  5. Thanks Colin, yes thats the one i wanted. Pete, i do have a nice unrelated pair of black headed purple breasted, 2018 aviary birds if you're interested. Not much else will be moulted through in time for Staffs by the looks of things at the moment.
  6. Hi All, Could someone remind me of the name of the company/companies that display metal aviaries at Staffs please? I cannot find the business cards i picked up last time! Thanks Mark.
  7. MKP


    Hi Shaun, Yes, i think it is still worth while having an FF area at March Staffs as that is where i found most of the members i have met in the past and had a good chat to a few of them. Without having the FF area there is a high probability we would have passed each other by whilst shuffling around the main hall. Regards Mark
  8. MKP

    A Full Day Out

    Hi James. Glad you enjoyed the day overall and got the Softbills you wanted. Grandad to the rescue with the Chinese Painted! Hope they all settle down to breed for you. Regards Mark.
  9. MKP

    Stafford is ON

    So far from the FB sites there is only Aviform not going.
  10. MKP

    new member... kind of

    Sounds good, keep us posted on your progress. Maybe even a few photo's?
  11. MKP

    new member... kind of

    Hi Mark, Welcome back, nice to read that your son is also interested in keeping and breeding birds and the list of birds you have kept and bred before is interesting. I vaguely remember an article on Song Sparrows and i still have a couple of pairs after breeding these for several years. There are still a few other active members in the South Wales area that keep the birds you are planning to purchase. Might be worth sending Daz a pm. Have you set up a bird room or outdoor flight or some of both? atb Mark.
  12. MKP

    New sponsor Aviform

    Well done to the Admin team, a good company to sponsor and support a great site.
  13. Hi All, Just got back from Staffs, enjoyed the day,well done to Shaun and the team for organising such a good event. Met a couple of members i haven't spoken to before Krissy & Marsha although no doubt by the next time we meet i will not remember which one is which. Great job on the refreshments raising cash for the site. Also had a chat to Jon Shaw & Blanket- always nice to meet up with other members. Picked up seed etc from Gerhard and a nice couple of Goudlians and Painted hen from John Shaw plus a cock St Helena from Phil Mumford.- thanks again chaps. Good to catch up with a few familiar faces from on here too. Not quite as many tables with birds as usual but a little easier to get around. Saw a beautiful pair of Mesias on Phil Cleetons table but at £900 a little too steep for my short arms and deep pockets. How did your day go? atb Mark
  14. MKP


    Hi John, Welcome aboard, lots of like minded helpful people on here so any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Nice part of the country you are in too. atb Mark.
  15. Hi, I'm going but not having a table this time as my Gouldians have not fully moulted in time. Will be exchanging a couple of other birds for unrelated pairs and picking up seed etc. Hope to catch up with a few members off here. Mark.