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    mold n wales
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    My main interest is in java sparrows, i have kept birds of all descriptions since eight years of age
    I am also a keen fish keeper having had as many as 40 tanks in my garage breeding malawi chiclids
    i enjoy most subjects to do with animals and all things avian,
    I am the membership secretary and Treasurer for the java sparrow society uk.

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  1. Hi Shaun Our application will be in post over the weekend.! Andy Dutton
  2. you will be able to view the show birds from 1pm, or slightly before if everyone has finished judging there are some large canary entrys so will probably depend on them
  3. Hi Dave I wont be keeping it. If someone would like to home it I will be going to Newark and Stafford in the summer first come first served basis, but I don't want someone saying they want it and then don't turn up to collect on the day
  4. Its only a matter of time before someone gets it right so I might as well spill the beans The bird in Question is some sort of a Weaver but the problem is until it moults out I don't know what species ! and if its a hen its a impossible task to identify. Now im not going to get a load of posts saying I lost a Weaver am I :D
  5. I will give it another week ! Cant believe the interest this has generated
  6. Unfortunately not a Bullfinch
  7. No Clues I am afraid Graham ! Nobody has correctly named the species yet Cheers Mark andyd
  8. Sorry once again none of the above
  9. Sorry Guys none of the above
  10. Tom if it had been a Bali I would have been advertising for a mate for it
  11. Sorry Nigel Its not a Lovebird andyd
  12. Hi All I Caught at bird that had escaped at Stafford on Sunday, If you lost a bird or know of someone who lost a bird please let me know what species of bird you lost ! Please Please don't reply if you didn't loose a bird. Please reply via this thread andyd
  13. andy d

    Stafford Auction Looking Sad

    No thanks needed Possibly some Opal Isabels but wont know until people bring thiere birds andyd