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  1. Blankets Quiz Nights

    whats happened to the quiz
  2. Blankets Quiz Nights

    omg i got no 12
  3. Blankets Quiz Nights

    me to im still thinking about 1,2,and 3
  4. A Big Thankyou

    really enjoyed it it made a change to do something different and loved chatting to all the different folk. so yes would certainly help out again. brilliant amount was raised so a good day all round.
  5. paul we wouldn't want your python on the loose lol
  6. such a shame I cant under stand why folk don't want to use the ff area. maybe those ff members that have tables booked else where within the show could tell us.
  7. booked marsha and my table today thanks shaun, love being in the ff area familiar faces, always someone to chat to, dave 85 is a great birdy sitter for when we nip off and refreshments to what more could you ask for.
  8. they arnt just zebra finches . these are penguin zebra finches think they'll settle in nicely at yours lol
  9. October Stafford Bird Show 2016 Tables.

    marsha me and our friend kate will be there not having tables this time just looking for any thing that takes our fancy.
  10. March Stafford Ff Tables

    nice one shaun thank you
  11. March Stafford Ff Tables

    ill bring us some biscuits to munch on
  12. think you could of worded that a bit better dave
  13. I can find a pair of something for you
  14. 2 tables booked for marsha and myself not bothered about winning any prizes for best cages or tables though a good idea but we have all on unloading and setting up cages as it is then we try and do our shopping before doors open so as long as birds fed watered and healthy that's enough for us.