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    Been Keeping all sorts over 30+ years, I keep and breed Most Australian Finches, real passion for parrotfinches. Especially Pintails, red headed, forbes and Peales.Also breed some large parrots and Macaws.

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  1. New Member From Cornwall

    I remember now they were crackers always wanted to breed in the winter Broad eyed Zosterops. Ye mark finches mainly now no Conures.
  2. New Member From Cornwall

    I'm not called ian , but did have macaws and all sorts and did have a shop, cut down a lot, but Mark welcome to the site and you have been here and picked up some cages a while ago. Stormbird what were the softbills for the life of me I can't remember, Copper sunbirds?
  3. Real Help to me at stafford, Nice selection of birds!