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    my loves in life are mainly creature based .i have 4 dogs and loads and loads of birds .i used to have lots of different animals ,but i have scaled down.getting past it a bit.it is so lovely to be out in the great outdoors with your birds and beasts and the odd human ,very odd some of em.pottering in your plants .and at the mo up to your neck in mud,lovely stuff.roll on spring ,wecant wait.xxxmy aviary is quite big lots of different finches.and other oddments.xxx

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  1. marsha

    Stafford is ON

    decided not to go ,,hope you all enjoyed that went ,,xx
  2. marsha

    Stafford is ON

    decided not to take birds ,, if weather ok may go look round but not super early ha xx
  3. male bare eyed dove,,,,,male senegal dove ,,,,,,,, female croaking ground doves x2 going to stafford and newark thank you xx
  4. marsha

    A Big Thankyou

    i also liked the video ,,,,,, i must say krissy did most of the refreshments ,,,and a good job too ,,, i tended our birds and met lots of nice folk as usual the ff section is the best xxxxxxx
  5. marsha

    Stafford Today

    was worn out at end of day ,,but enjoyed it ,was fab to see folk n have a chat got a p.o.w boy n a cherry boy tried to be good n not spend so did well ,,c u all soon hope my birds happy in new homes xxxxx
  6. can we still sell diamond doves at staff ta xxx
  7. ditto what kris said ,,, great to be in ff area where you can trust and rely on other members ,,,always willing to help and have a laugh with xxxxx
  8. thank you shaun tis lodged now x
  9. is there a date yet,,, or did i miss it derrrrr
  10. marsha

    Massive Thanks!

    again brill day was had by me n krissy lots of nice folk ..yes those birds were stunning xx
  11. marsha

    Featheredflyer Area

    well me n krissy had a fab day saw lots of good folk ,great chat and lovely hot choc .thanks liz you were so busy .really lovely atmosphere ,, we will be back xx
  12. marsha

    Good Selection

    me n krissy n kate went and loved it as we always enjoy , got birds and bits and bobs and had a laugh its grat to see different birds and meet and chat with folk , well happy we were xxxxxx
  13. marsha

    March Stafford Ff Tables

    come on ff ers get booked in ff area its brill shame to waste help n friends , chit chatin and having a laugh with each other yay xxxx
  14. me and krissy have always enjoyed being with the ff group at Stafford , folks are friendly and helpful and members will meet and chat we look out for each other keeping an eye on table when we set up or need to pop off briefly , the cakes and coffee always a welcome treat . I will donate to march auc . I have also won auc birds, very pleased , one thing though I don't want to go upstairs , it would be too much setting up ,apart from that we will always be in ff section ,a few balloon flying over ff maybe ,,cheap enough and yes a better placed banner or two see you all soon xxxxx