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    Best table display in Show

    yes I use them in my cages , but what I don't have are the battery powered emergency lighting systems that you can get for them , but in theory for a show all one would need is the Battery
  2. stormbird

    Best table display in Show

    did not see what was being used but apart from the tubes the LED lights on this page run on 12 volts DC so can easily be run on a battery https://www.avianlightinguk.com/store/c10/LED_Lights.html
  3. stormbird

    Frozen Insects

    Seems Priors web site is down but as far as I know they are not stocking them I now get mine from https://www.feathersandthings.uk/ how ever from a discussion I've had on FSSUK this morning they've not got a table but can drop off orders to the www.softbills.co.uk table in the FSSUK section which is located in the Annexe
  4. stormbird

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    Well I've just booked my train ticket so I might see a few of you if you have not left by the time I get there around 12md !
  5. stormbird

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    Seems the long predicted snow is arriving ! Been raining all morning but now the rain is turning to snow but on my well salted street it's not settling ! let's hope it's cleared in time for Stafford Although I gather those that were not put off by the weather last year had a good time ???
  6. stormbird

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    given my recent history of buying wrist bands & not going I'm giving it another week before committing my self to going . But if I go I'll be best contacted via the FSSUK stand in the annexe after 11am but I will need to go visiting a few other stands including the WFS , AS & several Budgie group stands
  7. this is purely a sales show but I'm sure there will be a few on display on the AFS stand & hopefull a few who have sales tables will reply if they've got any Gouldians for sale
  8. is it this one ? http://www.avifabs.co.uk/
  9. might need @ least 2 more as I did see a post from Grant on the Facebook page saying he was booking
  10. stormbird

    hello my name is Mark

    the term parakeet is confusing when it comes to keeping & breeding as some species can be kept & bred in groups whilest others not . But size of accomadation may also play it's part . I keep & have bred Lineolated Parakeets which come from a related family to that which the Mountains come from . I've read of Linnies being bred as groups in aviaries but when I've had them in large cages they bicker & don't breed . The same applies to Bourkes parakeets which once were a member of the Neophema group of Grass parakeets . They can be bred in groups if large enough accomadation is provided, & they have even been housed with single pairs of Neophemas which do need to be bred as single pairs . But then a word of caution in that some species are more hardy than others and even though a species may come from "hot " countries they may be able to cope with cold better than others , and that may even apply to sub species . Remember in some deserts temperature may vary from being very hot @ midday to freezing @ midnight , but whilest there are species that can cope with such conditions they may not be able to cope with prolonged cold
  11. stormbird

    hello my name is Mark

    hi mark & welcome mountain parakeets are not a species I'm familiar with so looked on web & found this http://www.parrotsdailynews.com/biology-and-breeding-of-the-mountain-parakeet/ As for adding Plumb heads to the aviary I would be cautious about doing so , especially if you intend breeding the Mountains , and would seek more advice before doing so
  12. stormbird

    New Members Please Read

    hi Ian and welcome that's quite a variety of birds your interested in but perhaps ?? not as wide as mine If your in Staffs I certainly suggest you make a note in your diary for 3rd March for this show http://staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk/ this site normaly has a section of tables but regretably few seem to be showing any interest this time around but even if that does not happen several of the Societies that keep birds your interested in will be there including the AFS I mentioned earlier & https://waxbillfinchsociety.org.uk/index.html . Also not heard if this group will have a table yet but certainly a few members will have their own https://www.facebook.com/groups/ParrotletInterestGroup/
  13. stormbird

    New Members Please Read

    hi & welcome there are a few Gouldian breeders on here so hopefully they will reply If your planing to show if you have not already found this page it might be helpfull http://www.australianfinchsociety.co.uk/
  14. stormbird

    Return after a long time out.

    hi and welcome ! perhaps you could tell us about the birds you keep and those you have kept in the past . Whether it wll encourage others to join in on a discussio n remains to be seen , but unless a few more start doing so this site soon, may be no more
  15. 3rd March 2019 http://www.staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk/
  16. yes it seems to have become a site where folk advertise their events & post their for sale & want ads The FF section @ the Spring show was intended as a place where members could congregate and some monies could be raised to run the site both from the auction of donated birds & bird related items , and the sale of FF related items . But with no adverts on the site , & no monies raised by the members time is slowly running out for the site & it's info archive
  17. they say silence is golden BUT In this case could it be the sound of DOOM ?
  18. I know it's early but given the through traffic on the site is perhaps time ???? that folk started discussing whether they might be attending
  19. stormbird


    hink you probably mean Steve Squires from Squires Bird Products 07790 089 099 or 01773 607142
  20. stormbird

    New Members Please Read

    hi Geoff & welcome
  21. stormbird

    Newbie saying Hi

    I'd be cautious about including Zebras with that mix as they can be bullies especially @ breeding time
  22. stormbird

    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi and welcome As your talking foreign finches a few pointers which might help Many foriegn finches need heat in winter so if your thinking Aviaries you might need to factor in shelter for them depending onn what species your considering . But of course that would not be a problem if your thinking about an indoor aviary which some finch breeders use As for using cages size of bird Does not always equate with cage size, as some Waxbill finches require bigger cages than say Bengalese or Zebra finches . So perhaps some thought on what you intend to keep will help . And if you ask hopefully somebody will reply with advice
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    hi & welcome
  24. stormbird

    total newbie

    Hi & welcome
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    not kept hanging parrots but understand they are a bit more difficult to keep as they predominately are n ectar feeders but from what I remember of them they do eat other foods As Jan says not many keep/ breed them , but a few have been shown @ the National , & I do know of a couple of breeders who have kept them