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  1. 1 hour ago, Nick1973 said:


    Have you tried loging in as nick1973 ?  And if you've forgotten your password use the fotgotten password button  that should activate an email for you to reset your password . Once you have logged in you should be able to alter your username from your profile page  If that fails let us know & I'll mesage shaun

  2. 1 hour ago, Guest Uraeginthus said:

    A few weeks back I decided to update my email address on the site, the site says it sends an email for me to confirm the change however I have never received such an email

    this is despite selecting the re send option on a few occasions.


    your the 2nd person having problems  I'll alert shaun but I'm wondering if the problem might be with tech support !

  3. 46 minutes ago, birdsareus said:

    Anybody selling softbills at Stafford?

    the foreign Softbill society have a section in the Annexe to the Bingley hall  which  is located on the wall seperating it from the main hall & between between the  2 entances .

     As to what will be available that remains to be seen as I've not seen any posts listing what folk may be taking . There may also be tables in other parts of the show but that also remains to be seen

  4. 1 hour ago, brian o said:

    hi i still cannot  sign in on me phone   i am a member with posts . i am brian o  email sue20talktalk.net a need a new password  can you seed me one????????????

    Brian how many replies do you need ??  I keep seeing posts from you and keep replying but you don't reply . I suspect that you may ??? need more than just a new password , but unless you reply telling us about  the issues your having , just sending you a new password it is difficult to know . I understand ?? that you have a new phone  & that & not the password may be the problem as the software on some but not all new phones are not compatible with sites such as this , and may mean that the sites software needs an upgrade , but to determine that  knowledge of the make & model of the phone would be required

     If you don't want to post that info, email me @  colingale49@gmail.com  & I'll contact Shaun  & we'll try & sort the problem

  5. from that picture apart from being a little scruffy around the head & neck he looks OK . However pictures can be deceptive . Also it would be interesting to know a few more details as to how he's been reared especially as I suspect that you might be lacking in experience of teils . Also 3 month old hand reared teils have a habit of going into remission & requiring further hand rearing if they leave home too early