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  1. Pigeons & Doves are amongst the permitted species
  2. Further to that I contacted APHA as I'm in a brown zone just outside a PZ/SZ & have been told I don't require a licence so it is ?? only a small number affected who need the licences
  3. there is a FF section marked in red on this floor plan https://www.facebook.com/StaffordSpringBirdShow/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf but a few have their own tables
  4. yes Quail along with all Gailliforms are banned until the restrictions are lifted
  5. But surely that's no different to members birds being sold from the Society tables ?
  6. stormbird

    Hello. Everyone.

    think you need to complete your profile see http://www.featheredflyer.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=40501
  7. Just a thought but would it be worth the forum having a couple of tables , where members with only a few birds could display & sell their birds for a nominal charge per cage of birds ,just as a few of the Societies do ?
  8. stormbird

    Stafford Update

    order them online from Shaun & Nessie http://www.staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk/index.php/tickets
  9. I use both but there are some who are reluctant to use Facebook , but I'm not certain why folk are reluctant to post on here ! Is it because they think it's too heavily moderated ?Certainly numbers seem to increase when there is conflict , but do folk really want that ? A lot want the site to stay because of the data base but should it stay just because of that ? And how can it exist if nobody contributes new stuff to the data base ?
  10. how so Face book does not have a section does it ? And Spring Stafford is run by Shaun who is Admin on here !
  11. they say silence is Golden ---------- but is it ? Still no more takers on ff members tables? Does the silence mean a very small FF section ? Could it mean NO FF section @ future Stafford shows ?
  12. Only 4 weeks to go !! Who is going ? And who has a table & where ?
  13. stormbird

    How To Fill In Your Profile

    perhaps if you post what sort of phone your using somebody might be able to advise you
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    Stafford Update

  15. stormbird

    A Wee Hello

    hi Jane welcome back ! And yes I remember you
  16. currently only shows that include poultry/gamebirds are affected hence why no Quail will be for sale
  17. stormbird

    Stafford Show Facebook Page

    for those who don't know https://www.facebook.com/StaffordSpringBirdShow
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    New Member From Warwickshire

    the forum has it's moments ! But all is quiet at present
  19. stormbird

    New Member From Warwickshire

    What would you know about a big City Country boy ?
  20. stormbird

    New Member From Warwickshire

    there are worse places I had to endure 20 years in the NE including most of my school years after I got dragged up there screaming & shouting by parents
  21. stormbird

    New Member From Warwickshire

    Small world I was born in Brum !
  22. stormbird

    New Member From Warwickshire

    One of my Aunts used to live @ Polesworth & her sister lives @ Warton
  23. stormbird

    New Member From Warwickshire

    hi Ken & welcome ! But since when has Tamworth been in Warks ? It used to be Staffs !