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  1. Wanted can anyone help us

    they are on the WFS page but there's a new page waxbills UK https://www.facebook.com/groups/322602617933901/ which is open to all . But I think perhaps my post was not clear enough as the adds were wanted not sales
  2. Wanted can anyone help us

    they seem to be in short supply ! there's been a few adds on the WFS Facebook page
  3. What are your plans for Stafford

    well everybody should have no trouble finding the stand !
  4. What are your plans for Stafford

    My plans for Stafford went in the Bin begining last week ! I was more than a little poorly but after a course of antibiotics I'm a lot better , but not well enough for a day out Hope every one enjoys themselves , collect the birds they are looking for , & those competing go home with a few winners
  5. new member... kind of

    Hi and welcome With the exception of the Cape Doves most of thebirdsshould be obtainable . There are I hope still a few breeding them & there was /is a breeding group trying to increase numbers of them , but there few if any regulary for sale
  6. What are your plans for Stafford

    She's still very active on the Parrotlet faceboook page !
  7. Stafford 8th October 2017

    that sounds good ! Let's hope there is not a mix up like last year !
  8. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Well shows 2 weeks on Sunday & it seems I'll be collecting Waxbills & Gouldians . anybody got any news ?
  9. Stafford show March 2018

    Sunday 4th March 2018 see https://www.facebook.com/StaffordSpringBirdShow/
  10. Stafford 8th October 2017

    unfortuneately the topic on FS is no longer available , but you are correct about costs being part of the problem , but it was not the whole problem . As for the FF site I seem to recollect that last year it was on the balcony & difficult to find . I'm not certain what the solution is , but it might be to make a block booking rather than trying to book a section , but that would mean members registering with FF admin for tables before the tables are booked
  11. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Sorry to slightly contradict you as it would seem that to a certain degreee it's a case of 6 of one & half a dozen of the other . Shaun is very flexible over the booking for the FF section but I seem to recollect that in March he was struggling up to the last minutes to fill the area , and the PS start organising table locations 3-4 months ahead of a show , so if we look to book a section 1-2 months before a show it becomes difficult The situation with FSSUK is more to do with the new restricion on what birds can be sold , which has led to a falling out,& FS now only attend the Spring Show. However WFS whose birds are are also affected by the restrictions will be attending as they have come to an agreement with the PS. Basically I think that if FF is to have a section @ the PS shows we need to start planning & negotiating with them before the show tickets go on sale which usually @ the previous show eg tickets for the National are on sale @ the summmer show , so we'd need to start planning for the National @ or just after the Spring Show
  12. Stafford 8th October 2017

    I started this topic a few weeks ago there has been 3 replies including 1 from Shaun ! So it seems the subject is like flogging the proverbial donkey unless folk are going to prove me wrong . I know from comments on here & facebook that there are members going . . I'm going but will not be there untill mid morning & will only be buying
  13. Plastic Perches

    if you have them longer you'll find they bend downwards unlesss you can secure the free ends
  14. Sexado De aves

    sounds as if they are lost in the mail & you need to start thinking of collecting fresh samples