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  1. stormbird

    Raza Canary.

    sorry she's not got back to you but it would seem she has hardly been on the forum & seems only to be answering current posts so she may not have seen your reply ' I'm afraid I can't help much as I've not been to the last few Stafford shows so am unsure what is about
  2. I know it's early but given the through traffic on the site is perhaps time ???? that folk started discussing whether they might be attending
  3. stormbird


    hink you probably mean Steve Squires from Squires Bird Products 07790 089 099 or 01773 607142
  4. stormbird

    New Members Please Read

    hi Geoff & welcome
  5. stormbird

    Newbie saying Hi

    I'd be cautious about including Zebras with that mix as they can be bullies especially @ breeding time
  6. stormbird

    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi and welcome As your talking foreign finches a few pointers which might help Many foriegn finches need heat in winter so if your thinking Aviaries you might need to factor in shelter for them depending onn what species your considering . But of course that would not be a problem if your thinking about an indoor aviary which some finch breeders use As for using cages size of bird Does not always equate with cage size, as some Waxbill finches require bigger cages than say Bengalese or Zebra finches . So perhaps some thought on what you intend to keep will help . And if you ask hopefully somebody will reply with advice
  7. stormbird


    only got a single male Bourkes pink parakeet & he's not for sale but there ae usually a few breeders with some @ Stafford
  8. stormbird


    hi & welcome
  9. stormbird

    total newbie

    Hi & welcome
  10. stormbird


    not kept hanging parrots but understand they are a bit more difficult to keep as they predominately are n ectar feeders but from what I remember of them they do eat other foods As Jan says not many keep/ breed them , but a few have been shown @ the National , & I do know of a couple of breeders who have kept them
  11. stormbird

    Hi all

    hi & welcome
  12. stormbird

    Hello and thank you

    Hi Tom & welcome
  13. stormbird

    Returning member

    Hi & welcome back
  14. stormbird

    For All New Members

    welcome back Brian . Hopefully once the site is back running properly there will be more talk about softbills !
  15. stormbird

    Stafford is ON

    Talk on some of the Waxbill sites is that it's too cold for the birds & that will not be taking them /attending !