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  1. Don't recollect seeing one for the summer show but with only 2 halls locating tables should not be too difficult . . In the main Hall tables are usually to the left of the main doors as you enter & under the balcony @ the back , with the rest of the sales tables in the Prestwood Hall The Annexe is not normally used unless there is special event in there but I've not heard of anything planned . And the Balcony is not in use apart from food & drink
  2. there are 2 standard methods used for DNA detection 1) Blood usually obtained by clipping a claw short so that the blod supply is breached . A drop is then put onto an absorbant paper/cards which are the put into a plastic bag 2) Feathers these are normally taken from the breast , although if there is a problem I take some from the rump . Also if there is a question about getting a DNA sample I also check with a hand lens . Feathers quills with no DNA will taper to the tip , but those with DNA material will have a slight swelling just before the tip . The feathers should be handled carefully to avoid contamination & put into a plastic sample bag ( 1 per bird ) Some firms use both methods others 1 . & I'm not sure which Sexado use but you need to contact them for sample kits
  3. he was the Cockney -------
  4. yes I had noticed the difference , but I also remembered Tommy Steele's nickname
  5. Can't take you 2 anywhere without you showing yourseves up , but perhaps Blanket should have used Tommy Steele & not Babs Windsor
  6. probably not as she does not seem to have been online since helast post
  7. oops ! you were sopposed to pm the answers not post them
  8. Hi & welcome By September show I;m guessing you mean the National which is National Exhibition 8th October 2017 @ Stafford so might give you a week or so extra to get prepared
  9. these came from Johan
  10. think no4 might be a wild bird
  11. hi Gary & welcome !
  12. they certainly looked to be enjoying themselves when I visited the section !
  13. I woz there from 11am onwards , but did not see your stand ! I did not spend much time walking around today after a flying visits to the FF section & WFS & AFS stands I spent most time on the FS section in the anexe
  14. I got there in 1 piece if a little damp noticed the refreshment area was busy when I colected Pekin Robin hen off Gareth left my stuff @ the FS stand checking out new blue necked Tanager hen whilest there then up to the balcony to see Gerhard & Claudia on the WFS to collect seed for waxbills then along to the AFS stand where things went a little pear shaped as chap I was supposed to collect Blue cap waxbills off was not there then back to the FS stand
  15. just got back . now to sort me & birds out !