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  1. stormbird

    Help joining site

    sorry to hear that ! I'm afraid the site is short of active staff @ present if you email me yours I'll try and contact an admin for you
  2. stormbird

    Frozen Insects

    Ah ! when I looked earlier the old site was still live !
  3. stormbird

    Frozen Insects

    Sorry Shaun I sometimes use Livefoods but have never known them sell frozen Insect foods . Their frozen food is intended for raptors & large reptiles ! Also have you got a link for amazillia zoological ?
  4. stormbird

    Frozen Insects

    not sure what's going on Chris has deleted his facebook profile as well Some on the waxbill site are reccomending this site https://www.bavisterspetcentre.com/index.asp?function=search Not tried them yet but I may do so when next I run out but that will not be for a while as I 'm currently well stocked
  5. stormbird

    I can not post a sales section

    when you go to sales page you should see a button saying "start new Topic " near the top right clicking that should open a page where you can post your advert , and at the bottom of the page there should be a submit button ! are you not getting that ?
  6. stormbird

    I can not post a sales section

    Post in the sales section do not automatically apear, as they are subject to admin approval . The time that takes does vary vdepending on when there is an admin available to do so
  7. stormbird

    Best table display in Show

    yes I use them in my cages , but what I don't have are the battery powered emergency lighting systems that you can get for them , but in theory for a show all one would need is the Battery
  8. stormbird

    Best table display in Show

    did not see what was being used but apart from the tubes the LED lights on this page run on 12 volts DC so can easily be run on a battery https://www.avianlightinguk.com/store/c10/LED_Lights.html
  9. stormbird

    Frozen Insects

    Seems Priors web site is down but as far as I know they are not stocking them I now get mine from https://www.feathersandthings.uk/ how ever from a discussion I've had on FSSUK this morning they've not got a table but can drop off orders to the www.softbills.co.uk table in the FSSUK section which is located in the Annexe
  10. stormbird

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    Well I've just booked my train ticket so I might see a few of you if you have not left by the time I get there around 12md !
  11. stormbird

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    Seems the long predicted snow is arriving ! Been raining all morning but now the rain is turning to snow but on my well salted street it's not settling ! let's hope it's cleared in time for Stafford Although I gather those that were not put off by the weather last year had a good time ???
  12. stormbird

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    given my recent history of buying wrist bands & not going I'm giving it another week before committing my self to going . But if I go I'll be best contacted via the FSSUK stand in the annexe after 11am but I will need to go visiting a few other stands including the WFS , AS & several Budgie group stands
  13. this is purely a sales show but I'm sure there will be a few on display on the AFS stand & hopefull a few who have sales tables will reply if they've got any Gouldians for sale
  14. is it this one ? http://www.avifabs.co.uk/
  15. might need @ least 2 more as I did see a post from Grant on the Facebook page saying he was booking