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  1. stormbird


    I've messaged Shaun for you
  2. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    that's great news for those who use the site & signs of a better future for other having issues trading with other EU companies
  3. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    just checked the link that Jan posted & am still getting the 403 message so it's clearly the Web provider that is causing problems & Sexado may not have been aware that there is an issue !
  4. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    have had a look@ this and this is clearly an attack on UK users via the internet however the site is accesible via this link https://www.facebook.com/sexadodeaves.international/ perhaps anybody with problems should try making contact that way
  5. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    Brexit or Covid ?
  6. stormbird


    think you'd be asking for trouble if you mixed ringnecks & lovebirds
  7. stormbird

    Can’t join

    I've messaged Shaun for you
  8. there are some for sale on the AFS site

  9. stormbird

    Can’t join

    it would be good if a few of those posting would reply and tell all who they are and why they have joined
  10. stormbird

    Can’t join

    Hi Sean I've messaged shaun so he should sort it once he's online
  11. stormbird

    Can’t join

    I've messaged shaun but he's currently offline
  12. stormbird

    Can’t join

    Have you tried loging in as nick1973 ? And if you've forgotten your password use the fotgotten password button that should activate an email for you to reset your password . Once you have logged in you should be able to alter your username from your profile page If that fails let us know & I'll mesage shaun
  13. stormbird

    Can’t join

    Does password reset not work ? also what user name are you using ?
  14. stormbird

    Can’t join

    I've messaged Shaun but he currently does not seem to be online so you may have a wait
  15. your the 2nd person having problems I'll alert shaun but I'm wondering if the problem might be with tech support !