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  1. stormbird

    Can’t join

    Ray I did try emailing you on the 26th Sept but you never got back to me !
  2. stormbird

    Stafford 2020

    Sorry Mark I can't alter it & Shaun does not seem to have been on for weeks although he has picked up on my messages to him
  3. stormbird

    Stafford 2020

    6th March 2022 www.staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk web site now active
  4. stormbird

    Can’t join

    I've messaged Shaun !
  5. The Show run by PSUK is now scheduled to go ahead see https://theparrotsocietyuk.org/site/index.php/events/psuk-shows/the-national-exhibition/
  6. stormbird

    Stafford 2021

    It would seem confusion reigns supreme and I thought Shaun had updated the info for the Spring Stafford Show which as some will have realised given that as we are now approaching the end of May 2021 the above date has come & gone & that there was NO Spring Show again in 2021 there is however a provisional date set for 2022 this what was posted on Facebook a few weeks ago Stafford Spring Bird Show · We have today been in discussion with the County Showground and government officials regarding our 2021 event on March 7th, unfortunately in line with many other events and attractions we have to take the advice given to cancel for 2021. The date for 2022 has been confirmed as Sunday 6th March 2022. Hopefully by then the World will be a much safer place. We wish you all a successful breeding season and hope to see you in 2022
  7. stormbird

    Password Reset

    the email in use message is a common problem on many sites when members forget both user name & password but the name auricaria is not showing in search which is odd I'll message shaun !
  8. stormbird

    Password Reset

    Is your old user name Glazes88 if so are you trying to log in using that ? If that is you & your not using that try a reset using it ! If that fails let us know & I'll message Shaun
  9. stormbird

    Password Reset

    that might be because you have been deleted from the data base ! I can't find the name Finnigan using search So it might depend on when you joined /last logged in . If that is the case you'll need to 1st try to log in using your old pass word, give more details , or log in as a new member . Which ever you do let us know if you've succeded or nedd more help
  10. stormbird


    I've messaged Shaun for you
  11. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    that's great news for those who use the site & signs of a better future for other having issues trading with other EU companies
  12. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    just checked the link that Jan posted & am still getting the 403 message so it's clearly the Web provider that is causing problems & Sexado may not have been aware that there is an issue !
  13. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    have had a look@ this and this is clearly an attack on UK users via the internet however the site is accesible via this link https://www.facebook.com/sexadodeaves.international/ perhaps anybody with problems should try making contact that way
  14. stormbird

    Sexado de aves

    Brexit or Covid ?
  15. stormbird

    Can’t join

    I've messaged Shaun for you