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  1. stormbird

    total newbie

    Hi & welcome
  2. stormbird


    not kept hanging parrots but understand they are a bit more difficult to keep as they predominately are n ectar feeders but from what I remember of them they do eat other foods As Jan says not many keep/ breed them , but a few have been shown @ the National , & I do know of a couple of breeders who have kept them
  3. stormbird

    Hi all

    hi & welcome
  4. stormbird

    Hello and thank you

    Hi Tom & welcome
  5. stormbird

    Returning member

    Hi & welcome back
  6. stormbird

    For All New Members

    welcome back Brian . Hopefully once the site is back running properly there will be more talk about softbills !
  7. stormbird

    Stafford is ON

    Talk on some of the Waxbill sites is that it's too cold for the birds & that will not be taking them /attending !
  8. stormbird

    Stafford is ON

    Not for Stafford , but as I posted earlier the predictions from Met Office are deteriorating & there is now snow forecast for Sunday https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcqkrv0ge#?date=2018-03-01
  9. stormbird

    Stafford is ON

    the met office have now included yellow warnings for Saturday & reduced temperatures for sunday
  10. stormbird

    Stafford tickets

    from the Show web site
  11. stormbird

    Raza Canary.

    the last topic on Raza's was begining of 2017 from Mark49 who was breeding them @ that time & looking for swaps , but he did not get any takers ! Not that many keep them so you'd be better going to a few shows . The other issue with canaries is that most breeders like to have surplus stock shifteb begining of February so that they can look to pairing up with spare cages ready for young stock
  12. stormbird

    Stafford Show Wristbands

    think this is a little tricky ! There is still 6 weeks to the show & in that time the alert could be over be over . Cancell too soon & a lot will be disapointed if the alert is over & show does not go ahead . However there's nothing wrong with planning for it not happening . But it may not be untill 2 weeks before the show that DEFRA will be able to give a definitive answer as to whether the show should be cancelled or not as it may not be clear as how the outbreak of Avian flu is spreading or not as the case might be
  13. stormbird

    Stafford Show Wristbands

    the Spring show does not have early entry except fot table holders
  14. stormbird

    New Members Please Read

    hi and welcome , we could do with a few more canary experts on here !
  15. stormbird

    Wanted can anyone help us

    they are on the WFS page but there's a new page waxbills UK https://www.facebook.com/groups/322602617933901/ which is open to all . But I think perhaps my post was not clear enough as the adds were wanted not sales