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  1. yes the Spring show tends to be tad different especiall y as it's the only show that FSSUK now have a stand
  2. hope every one that goes enjoys it ! I was planning to come, as there was a few birds I hoped I might pick up , but my rheumatism has flaired up
  3. the foreign Softbill society have a section in the Annexe to the Bingley hall which is located on the wall seperating it from the main hall & between between the 2 entances . As to what will be available that remains to be seen as I've not seen any posts listing what folk may be taking . There may also be tables in other parts of the show but that also remains to be seen
  4. stormbird

    Help joining site

    I've messaged Shaun
  5. stormbird

    Help joining site

    Brian how many replies do you need ?? I keep seeing posts from you and keep replying but you don't reply . I suspect that you may ??? need more than just a new password , but unless you reply telling us about the issues your having , just sending you a new password it is difficult to know . I understand ?? that you have a new phone & that & not the password may be the problem as the software on some but not all new phones are not compatible with sites such as this , and may mean that the sites software needs an upgrade , but to determine that knowledge of the make & model of the phone would be required If you don't want to post that info, email me @ colingale49@gmail.com & I'll contact Shaun & we'll try & sort the problem
  6. stormbird

    Help joining site

    It''s good that folk are signing up to join site but where are they ? I've seen a few signing in but nowt else !
  7. stormbird

    Can’t join

    I've messaged Shaun so hopefully he'll sort it for you
  8. stormbird

    Help joining site

    What sort of issues are you having & what sort of device are you using ?
  9.  why can i not log in on my phone

    1. stormbird


      simple answer would be that I don't know . However I suspect it might be a compatability issue between the sites software & that which your phone is using.  which is an issue that does periodically happen on the web . It might mean that the sites software needs upgrading to sort the issue which would mean Shaun contacting the service provider . But he would need to know the make & brand of your phone . So either message him or let me know & I'll contact him

  10. stormbird


    from that picture apart from being a little scruffy around the head & neck he looks OK . However pictures can be deceptive . Also it would be interesting to know a few more details as to how he's been reared especially as I suspect that you might be lacking in experience of teils . Also 3 month old hand reared teils have a habit of going into remission & requiring further hand rearing if they leave home too early
  11. https://staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk/societies/
  12. think the real question is who has lost this ?? hen Pekin Robin , or does anybody know whose ring number the bird is wearing ?
  13. that's interesting as I was not aware Pekin Robins were sometimes called nightingales & there is a 2nd species called the Japanese-- nightingale Japanese bush warbler (Horornis diphone), I've emailed Mick for clarification
  14. I agree that it's unlikely to be a wild bird & have posted this onto Foriegn softbill site where a few more may see / know of any in the UK
  15. stormbird

    Help joining site

    I've messaged Shaun hopefully he'll get back to you soon