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  1. shennmack

    Stafford Today

    Loads of hookbills and canaries.Finch wise not a lot of choice and no waxbills apart from St Helenas.Not half as busy as a few years ago,the balcony was virtually empty. As said the parking was horrendous due to heavy rain,when i arrived they tried to direct me onto the middle row on a field, just aswell i ignored them and parked on the tarmac further down,because when i came out cars were stuck all over the place. I got a couple of Black Headed Weavers off Gareth and a few supplies,mealworms,eggfood etc.
  2. My point is, this board has lost lots of posters to facebook, less ff posters,less demand for ff section at Stafford i suppose.
  3. Facebook's gain is ff loss im afraid.
  4. shennmack

    Notice To All Regards Auction!

    Well said,you really couldnt make it up.