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    gouldians,painted finch,violet ears,fawn hecks,silver firetails,parrot finches,red siskins,yellow siskins, red factor and red mosaic canaries

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  1. indie

    Sexado de aves

    The website is back operational.
  2. indie

    Sexado de aves

    i emailed today and they dont know of a problem so i hope they are looking into it.
  3. indie

    Sexado de aves

    What has happened to the sponsors sexadodeaves not available from our country it is saying on the website.I have paid up front for dna testing, samples not yet sent !
  4. indie

    Stafford July 2016

    i think that was me paul,i didnt realise you were on here.
  5. indie

    Stafford Ff Tables

    hi shaun are they any tables left my mate wants one if possible,also have the tickets been sent out yet.
  6. Were are you in yorkshire indie

    1. Trog2012


      I am interested in the sydney waxbills

  7. indie

    October Competition

    heres one i did breed it is a goldfinch x canary mule,looks like hes on holiday posing for a picture.
  8. Nice to meet another breeder who is helpful ( like trev) thanks, see you at stafford

  9. your inbox is full unable to send you a message

  10. hi mate can u send me some pic of ur zebs ples