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  1. Hi Nic, apologies for the delays, I have activated your account so you should have full site access regards shaun
  2. Shaun

    Frozen Insects

    You are correct Colin, amazillia owner is Peter Collins, he is on my Facebook friends list, I don’t think he has a website, but does attend some sales days
  3. Shaun

    Frozen Insects

    There is also online at livefoods direct or amazillia zoological
  4. For those who travel and stay over, or need to book time off work, next years Stafford Soring Bird Show is on Sunday 1st March 2020
  5. Shaun

    I can not post a sales section

    Good morning, it was due to your membership status ‘new member’ I have upgraded your account and you should be fine now shaun
  6. Best table display in show was Joel Field (for the second year running) well done Joel
  7. Sorry Grant, I’ve only just seen your message! nice to see you again hope you had a good day Shaun
  8. To raise some funds towards the sites running cost there will be a refreshment table at this weekends show hot drinks £1 please pop by the feathered flyer area to say hello and pick up a brew to support the site thanks shaun
  9. Shaun

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    There have been 15 breeders tables booked for the feathered flyer area, which together with a little refreshment area and the catching aviary should make a nice display and a good meeting point for members to have a chat just over three weeks to go, shaun
  10. Shaun

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    I’ll be about, shaun
  11. Just to let you know that the show website is now live and accepting bookings for breeders tables i have put aside the usual space for ‘festheredflyer’ members to be together, this will include a refreshment area and catching aviary, but will be subject to demand, at least 10 tables will be required and up to 24 can fit the space please use the online booking forms and add ‘feathered flyer area’ in the address box http://www.staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk/ shaun
  12. Shaun

    Back after a little break

    Welcome back how about a trip to a Stafford Show in March? A chance to get some ‘hardware’ at great prices and a chance to see a wide variety of birds, speak to the breeders, or speak to the wide variety of clubs attending, before you decide what to keep shaun
  13. Shaun

    hello my name is Mark

    Hi Mark, welcome to the site, do your parakeets all live and breed in the same aviary? i was led to believe one pair per flight? shaun
  14. Shaun

    New Members Please Read

    Good luck Peter, welcome to the site, I’ll look forward to some of your post in the future
  15. Only Half a dozen tables booked so far in the flyer section,
  16. Shaun

    Return after a long time out.

    Welcome to the site free flow
  17. I would like to welcome Supablend on board as site sponsors Shaun
  18. Shaun

    Supablend Soft Food

    Three time World Champion Budgerigar Exhibitors Richard and Michael Miller are the new supporters of Supablend eggfood
  19. Shaun

    New Members Please Read

    Hi Geoff, welcome to the forum shaun
  20. Shaun

    Newbie saying Hi

    Welcome Al
  21. Shaun


    Glad you got sorted on the site, welcome, I hope you enjoy it shaun
  22. Shaun

    total newbie

    Hello and welcome to the site, there is a wide mixture of birdkeepers here, please feel free to ask away shaun
  23. Shaun

    Hello and thank you

    Welcome Tom you can’t go wrong with Budgies 3802BBF6-69A6-4F91-BA28-1B014596B8BB.MOV
  24. Shaun

    Hi all

    Welcome Shaun, I too hope to be grandad shaun one day!
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    Welcome back Tom, i’ll Look forward to hearing about your changes