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    Keep crested budgerigars at the moment but over the past 20+ years tried most species of C&A. Also 3 large dogs - please ring before visiting! Organiser of the Stafford Spring Bird Show. please email me for further details.

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    Hi Elaine, I have manually added your account on the system, hope you enjoy the site, please feel free to ask anything you wish. thanks shaun
  2. Hi all, I have authorised all the outstanding applications without the need for email authorisation. Welcome to the site, please feel free to browse and ask anything you need to know shaun
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    Sexado de aves

    You cannot access this store from your country. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Hi Nolan, if you register as a member, other will be able to send you messages in your attempt to source a Raven
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    Bird's wanted

    wrong section Steve, please post n the birds wanted section
  6. manually added you, welcome to the forum. shaun
  7. Assuming the Covid-19 is well under control and that government has lifted restrictions on gatherings, our next event is planned for 7th March 2021 more details toward the end of the year
  8. Added you manually Nick, welcome back
  9. Hi, your account has been activated by admin, we have had a lot of spam applications recently so a manual system is currently in operation Shaun
  10. thanks Colin, Email sent to you Chris, Your user name is Goldie1 not Goldy1 Shaun
  11. I’ve added eleven new members today!
  12. Hi, welcome to you both, there seems to be an issue with the automation, I have manually added you both shaun
  13. Only half a dozen tables this time in the FF area, anyone considering a breeders table please book without delay. i will be filling any spaces with trade stands etc very soon
  14. there are still a few tables available in the Feathered Flyer club area. refreshments are available and a catching aviary great place to meet friends and catch up closing date is 31st January www.staffordspringbirdshow.co.uk
  15. Stafford Spring Bird Show (Sunday 1st March 2020) the website is now live and ready to accept bookings for breeders tables, trade stands, society/club space and admission wristbands.