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    Keep crested budgerigars at the moment but over the past 20+ years tried most species of C&A. Also 3 large dogs - please ring before visiting! Organiser of the Stafford Spring Bird Show. please email me for further details.

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  1. I went for dry goods, mainly enough seed and Supablend to last me for a few months, had a quick look around the birds and found a lovely little green hen budgie with a full crest, and at single digits pricewise! Then the seller wouldn't take anything for it as I had given a birds to her son the previous year! A good turn returned! many thanks Hayley!
  2. Hello, who went today, what did did you think? and did you buy anything? shaun
  3. Thanks Blankey, I enjoyed the auiz, even though I wasn't very good at it!, shaun
  4. I'm just the same Jan, however I did get 45! shaun
  5. Welcome Gailipop, im glad you continued with the problems encounter in registereing, and enjoy the forum shaun
  6. Welcome John, i hope you enjoy the forum, there are plenty of finch breeders as members and quite a few from your side of the water visit the feathered flyer display area at the Stafford Spring Bird Show each March shaun
  7. Introduced a couple of visitors to my Birdroom to the website, I hope they become members, Johan from the Netherlands, (rare variety budgies and parrotlets) and Faisal from Kuwait ( rare variety budgies)
  8. No football teams now Dave
  9. That would be great Pete, but I'm rubbish at these cryptic clues! Shaun
  10. Have you seen Neil Settys advert? Shaun
  11. I am so rubbish at this!
  12. Unfortunately I had no Input in the video, just asked if I would allow it, and other videos on Budgie Planet are at top European breeders and very interesting Missed opportunity I know but will certainly bear it in mind for future productions!,, Shaun
  13. Welcome Kevin, Lots of foreign finch breeders regular members on here, please feel free to search to archives or ask away Shaun
  14. Hi Gary, Welcome to the forum, Could I ask how you found us? Many thanks Shaun
  15. Looking forward to tonight's question, Remember everyone, message blanket and not add to the thread! Shaun