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    Keep crested budgerigars at the moment but over the past 20+ years tried most species of C&A. Also 3 large dogs - please ring before visiting! Organiser of the Stafford Spring Bird Show. please email me for further details.

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  1. Hi Shaun

    Can I have 60 early morning tickets like I did last year and will pay at your office on the day of the sale.

    If you confirm thats O.K I can put some notices up at my next sale at Bramshaw Table Top Sale on the 21st Oct.

    Also do you have any posters or flyers that I can put up for you?

    My address is 63 Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3HY. Tel 02380660460


    Regards  Rob

  2. Just to let you know that the show website is now live and accepting bookings for breeders tables i have put aside the usual space for ‘festheredflyer’ members to be together, this will include a refreshment area and catching aviary, but will be subject to demand, at least 10 tables will be required and up to 24 can fit the space please use the online booking forms and add ‘feathered flyer area’ in the address box shaun
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    Supablend Soft Food

    Three time World Champion Budgerigar Exhibitors Richard and Michael Miller are the new supporters of Supablend eggfood
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    Hi Geoff, welcome to the forum shaun
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    Raza Canary.

    I'm sure it's down to it being a pretty 'new' bred and not many people having sufficient to have sale birds, keep searching and I hope you find some soon, if I see any about I will ask for contact details and pass them on to you are you are Stafford next Sunday? Shaun
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    Glad you got sorted on the site, welcome, I hope you enjoy it shaun
  8. Looking for a definite cock Bengalese, can pick up at Stafford on 1st July
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    Hello and welcome to the site, there is a wide mixture of birdkeepers here, please feel free to ask away shaun
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    Welcome Tom you can’t go wrong with Budgies 3802BBF6-69A6-4F91-BA28-1B014596B8BB.MOV
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    Welcome Shaun, I too hope to be grandad shaun one day!
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    Welcome back Andrew, good luck for the breeding season
  15. Hatchtag Report submitted April 2 Good Morning. Admin. Can I advertised this here. Good Morning. There is a guy from Far East Malaysia which I use to know and came seeking my assistant. . He has great intention to buy Canary in large quantity. It doesn’t matter what species. He and his team has intention is to reintroduce Canary back to Malaysia. I am just a hobbyist breeder and don’t know anyone but there are admins or members that knew breeders or Canary dealers which able to export Canary to Malaysia please forward them this contact as below. Raymond Teh tel:- 0060164489333 He has Whatsapp with Easy reach. In return he has lots of song bird like Red check bul bul Male or oriental magpie Male and (other female got to be in contact with Raymond to arrange). which could send swap vice versa. Kindly forward this info to all your contact. Hope he will receive a favorable reply. Regard Ray Wang