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    Lineolated parakeets, lizard and fife canaries and dogs

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  1. daniel lineolated

    Stafford tickets

    I’ve never gone at 9 before but I’ve heard it’s a bit of a nightmare to get in
  2. daniel lineolated

    Stafford tickets

    Hi I realised I’ve left it a bit late is there any way to get 2 tickets for Stafford without queuing on the morning
  3. daniel lineolated

    Feathered Flyer International

    Johan is the lineolated guru as well. Have got birds from him previously nice guy
  4. daniel lineolated

    Last Ditch Attempt

    Is anyone on here going to Stafford from a Durham that could bring 4 Lineolated's to Stafford for me? Can contribute towards fuel cheers
  5. daniel lineolated


    Have to admit my lizards are very slow this year. All my fifes have chicks in the nest but only one pair of my 8 pairs of lizards has started to build a nest but it's still early days
  6. do you have any luck in the colony, i still trying to build it up do you have any youngsters at the mo?