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  1. Pikemanmark

    hello my name is Mark

    Hello Shaun I have one aviary in the garden. I have 5 mountain parakeets in it they were in 3 pairs but 1 hen died flying into the side of a nest box within the first few days of having them. I now have 2 pairs and a single cock but they all roost close together. I have 4 nest boxes in the aviary but not yet checked how they are roosting in them or which are being used. I didn't want to disturb them too much. I have had them since September. They are starting to come towards me when I visit in a morning to feed them and they don't fly away as much they seem to have calmed down quite well. At night they are all in the nest boxes but I haven't tried to see what ones yet I wonder should I? don't want to frighten them too much. As for the plumb heads I would like to get a pair but not sure if I should put them in same aviary or build another . Any advice would be great.
  2. Pikemanmark

    hello my name is Mark

    Hello Stormbird Thank you for the advice I will check out the link you posted. Kind regards Mark
  3. Pikemanmark

    hello my name is Mark

    Hi All My name is Mark and I live in Derbyshire. I am very new to bird keeping and have a house pet green Cheeked Conure and my step son has an African Grey, and outside in the aviary I have 5 mountain parakeets, 2 pair and a spare cock (his hen died soon after getting them). I am thinking of adding a pair of plumb heads to the aviary. I am looking forward to trying to breed the mountains and will be seeking any advice that may be about on what to do or not to do I am happy to answer any questions of me but for now that's all folks. Thank you Mark