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  1. Essex Al

    Newbie saying Hi

    Cheers Rob, and Shaun for the welcome. I visited a local pet/bird shop today just to see what they had, and was really impressed with some of the other species that I hadn't seen before... Loved the red face parrotfinch, and the hecks grass Finch were quite handsome ;-)
  2. Essex Al

    Newbie saying Hi

    Thanks Jan... Glad to be here
  3. Essex Al

    Newbie saying Hi

    That's the sort of tip I'm here to pick up, so I appreciate that. I think I'll cross them off the list. Thanks again
  4. Essex Al

    Newbie saying Hi

    Thanks Stormbird... Yes I had factored in the need for covered shelter and an electricity supply for a heater if I decide to go for one outdoors. Initial thoughts are Gouldians, Stars, Cordon Bleu and Owl Finch - probably with some zebras... But still early stages, and I'm open to other suggestions
  5. Essex Al

    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi All... I've just signed up as I'm starting out in the hobby and will be keen to learn from your experience along the way. Keen to keep some small, sociable and colourful foreign finches, but still deciding whether to start with a couple in a cage, or go for an aviary with a few different types. Lots to learn! Cheers. Al