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    Joined this site a couple of weeks ago, found out some helpful tips and information from various threads already. Retired almost 3 years now and thought I'd get back into bird keeping again, started with budgies when I was 13 and had various kinds throughout my life time. Got 2 pair of Bengalese to start up again, then a few pairs of Java sparrows (which didn't stay!). Then last year I decided to try Gouldians again, some 40 years after my first time of having a couple of pairs! kept them in the conservatory to start with, then they had to go into the shed at the top of the garden, at the insistence of my wife! Which wasn't ideal. I now have a purpose built, insulated, bird room in the garden, with room for two aviaries below it. This is not yet fully kitted out due to delays with the weather (The Beast from The East!) From 4 pairs of Gouldians I bred 29 last year, but all is not plain sailing is it, over the last few months I have lost 5 of them, 4 of them blues, all but one for reasons unknown. I also now have 4 pairs of Star finches (various colours/mutations) and it is my intention in the future to add Bichenos' to my collection Well that's me, good luck to everyone in 2018!