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  1.  why can i not log in on my phone

    1. stormbird


      simple answer would be that I don't know . However I suspect it might be a compatability issue between the sites software & that which your phone is using.  which is an issue that does periodically happen on the web . It might mean that the sites software needs upgrading to sort the issue which would mean Shaun contacting the service provider . But he would need to know the make & brand of your phone . So either message him or let me know & I'll contact him

  2. i have put it on bird trak
  3. why do you think the are japanese nightingals pekin robins are liveing wild in north east france . pekin robins are called pekin nightingals by some
  4. most prob a escaped from a aviary .i lost a virginian cardinal back in the summer it was seen nr. swansea for weeks after if any one has seen it in the last weeks or 2