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  1. Hi Everyone.

    Hey dude, nice you're on board! You'll be filling your garden with birds before you know it!
  2. new member... kind of

    @SueG well spotted yes there are always a couple of species that frustrate, the bibs laid but we're infertile, the gouldians made nests, the green singers made a nest and the spice finches had 3 chicks close to fledging and abandoned them! As for the cape doves they were always the birds I wanted but could never seem to find, I've heard it may be even harder now!
  3. new member... kind of

    Hi all, thanks for your comments I'm beginning to realise the landscape has changed somewhat in the last 7 or 8 years! I guess I'll just get the flight up and hope to hit the Stafford spring show! I'm also just realising how many birds I missed off the list
  4. new member... kind of

    Hi mark, yes just noticed daz was still active, haven't seen him for years! I'm planning on using a heavily planted area of the garden as a flight, there is a convenient shed next to it in which I'm going to build a small indoor enclosure, insulated and heatedfor exitics, I've had a few ideas over the years I've been away, just hoping I can implement them!
  5. new member... kind of

    Hi all, my name is Mark, located in South Wales. I've just rejoined (previously whydah_appeal) after a break from the hobby, family commitments work etc. Now my son is keen to start bird keeping and I need no encouragement! In the past I've kept: Zebra finches, (bred) bengalese, (bred) Java Sparrows, (bred) Japanese, Californian, And chinese painted quail, Red headed buntings Ringneck parakeets Golden song sparrows (bred I think I even wrote a breeding plan for this site) Diamond Doves (bred) Budgies (bred) Celestial parrotlets (bred) Strawberry finches Kakarikis Splendid parakeets (bred) Red rumps Bourkes parakeets (bred) Bicheno canaries Cockatiels (bred) Lovebirds (bred) Red cheeked cordon bleu Goldbreasts (bred) Green singing finches bib finch spice finch elegant parakeets mealy rosella rufus backed manikkins Hooded Parrots Gouldian finches Paradise whydah What are we hoping to keep? if anyone in the south Wales area has any pairs of the following please let me know Cape Doves Gouldian finches green singers spice finches bib finch Finally thanks to Dave85 for authorizing me