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    Tipperary, Ireland
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    Kept busy with my 3 kids:)...enjoy watching munster play and enjoy training in the gym

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    thank you
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    thanks very much...I aim to go in October not September as stormbird corrected me:}...hopefully by then ill have made a few contacts and might get what im looking for...
  4. munster john

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    Hi dave, I'm definitely thinking of doing it for the September show. ..never been so would be great to see. ..I hoping to have a new birdroom built by then. ..maybe I could organise birds with people on the site and arrange to meet at show. . Thanks for the reply John
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    Hi I'm John. ..I live in tipperary. Ireland. ..just got back into birds this year after a few years out...I keep a few gouldians, hecks and diamond doves. ..I'm hoping to get pied red faced parrot finches, I had plenty of these before but they're very scarce over here now..I'm also hoping to get painted finches and maybe some forbes, John