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    Hi Everyone Returning member here, Ive actually been lingering for a while but thought I better introduce myself! Just got back into breeding birds at the start of last year after 6/7 years without due to moving away for uni! Managed to keep a couple of pet cockatiels in the flat but having no space for a shed/aviary at the time meant that I had to stick to these two! Always kept parrotlike, previously had ringnecks, senegals, painted conures and parrotlets. Just now I have celestial parrotlets, linnes, a pair of kakarikis and a pair of green cheek conures. The linnies are currently on eggs, I also have a pair of parrotlets on eggs and a pair with chicks so looking forward to an exciting few months!! My space is still pretty limited so planning on having a change up at the end of the year to focus mainly on parrotlets as I would like to focus more on certain colours and learn some more about genetics! Also have wanted some hanging parrots for as long as I can remember so would like to find some space for some of these one day soon - are there any keepers on here? Looking forward to reading your posts! Tom