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  1. Rob2563

    total newbie

    Welcome Molly
  2. Rob2563

    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi Al welcome to the forum, I've not been active on line recently but 12 months ago I was at the same stage as yourself dont be afraid to ask questions, Good luck Rob
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  4. Rob2563

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Ian
  5. Rob2563

    new member... kind of

    Welcome Mark
  6. Rob2563

    New Member

    Hi John, Welcome
  7. Rob2563

    New Member Worksop Notts

    Thanks for the welcome folks, Stafford is 50/50 at the moment, If I don't make it, everyone have a good time
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    Welcome John
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    New Member Worksop Notts

    Thankyou Shaun
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    New Member Worksop Notts

    Thanks Dave
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    New Member Worksop Notts

    Thanks for the welcome PaulanLiz Just at the planning stage at the moment but your advise will be taken.
  12. Rob2563

    Hello. Everyone.

    Hope you have better look this time Hatchtag
  13. Rob2563

    New Member Worksop Notts

    Hi All, looking forward to using the forum and hopefully learning from others mistakes Currently helping my Father in law with his birds "also a new starter" but fell in love with Gouldians after visiting the Newark show with him Plans are now being made for a Gouldian home. Rob