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  1. My hen died. I don’t know why. Sadly I got only a very young hen and 5 cock. I am seeking if possible there are avairy hens available. Looking for 2 hens. Please let me know. Thank you. Ray
  2. Raza Canary.

    How often do member ever comes across Raza Canary in shows since not to many breeder around.
  3. Raza Canary.

    Thank you. Guest i do keep on looking. It take me long time to find grey singer but I found it. Guest patient will lead me to a few one day.
  4. Raza Canary.

    Any member here know someone breeding Raza Canary here. Please. I been looking for a while now.
  5. Raza Canary.

    Wondering if Easy to find Pure raza yellow or white Canary at Stafford. Could anyone show me if they are available.
  6. Plastic Perches

    Best Pearch is still wood. Soft wood. It important for finches. I got mine at B&Q Here is the hack. Cut and sander to mimic a tree branch sand it down to your disire length and diameter Saw a grove between to fid at wire cage to stablize it at both end or spend money on twist on perch end. But if you got breeding box wall then all wire cage use this few hack idea rather then spend more money. They are like coke can pin ( drill a screw hole on flat top and bend out a little. Perch goes through the hole. Tension of perch against wall and other against cage front would made perch wobbly. The others like the cap of twist toothpaste, tomato tube paste or any cap diameter large enough for perch to fid in the hole. Screw cap to wall and fix perch to it.
  7. Wanted

    She will reply you. she not here every day.
  8. Hello. Everyone.

    Thanks. Very much.
  9. Hello. Everyone.

    Thanks Dave. But may be leave as Hatchtag. Start a new. Could private message & classfeilds be active please. Thanks very much.
  10. Hello. Everyone.

    Greeting to all. I am currently got a pair of yellow gouldian and some zebra. Breed couple of yellow mosaic. I was here in 2012 but I can't sign in anymore. Username is Pocket. Lots of my finches died and I lost interested. My home has issued up and down problem and to be honest I drift far and away. Every door of our home has its own sets of issue. May be previously I was lack of experience. I am back to give it another try. Hope this time it will work.
  11. Can I post or reply a topic.