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  1. Wanted

    She will reply you. she not here every day.
  2. Hello. Everyone.

    Thanks. Very much.
  3. Hello. Everyone.

    Thanks Dave. But may be leave as Hatchtag. Start a new. Could private message & classfeilds be active please. Thanks very much.
  4. Hello. Everyone.

    Greeting to all. I am currently got a pair of yellow gouldian and some zebra. Breed couple of yellow mosaic. I was here in 2012 but I can't sign in anymore. Username is Pocket. Lots of my finches died and I lost interested. My home has issued up and down problem and to be honest I drift far and away. Every door of our home has its own sets of issue. May be previously I was lack of experience. I am back to give it another try. Hope this time it will work.
  5. Can I post or reply a topic.